Solidarity Grants

Supporting life scientists displaced by armed conflicts

Application deadline:
15 February 2023


Applicants must be doing research in one of the EMBO subject areas. Medical scientists or scientists working in fields related to general EMBO subject areas are eligible to apply.

Applications are accepted from life scientists:

  • to start/finish PhD work;
  • for post-doctoral work;
  • for extended research stays by scientists at the professorial/group leader level.

Applicants must be registered at a university in the country with armed conflict, e.g. a Ukrainian university or research institute and must have proof of refugee status.

Applicants who are already working in the host laboratory must have started working there after the war started.

Applicants must have the agreement from an appropriate laboratory located in Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Slovenia, and Turkey, to host them.