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Reports and publications

EMBO analyses questions in the areas of biotechnology, Open Science, research integrity, research assessment and women in science, and makes the results openly available as reports, publications and consultation responses

Browse and read some of our reports, publications, and other relevant material:


Recognizing Preprint Peer Review – material from a workshop co-hosted by HHMI, ASAPbio and EMBO, 1-2 December 2022

Susi T, Heintz M, Hnatkova E, Koch W, Leptin M, Andler M, Masia M, Garfinkel, M Centrality of Researchers in Reforming Research Assessment, ISE report, February 2022

Bendiscioli S, Firpo T, Bravo-Biosca A, Czibor E, Garfinkel MS, Stafford T, Wilsdon J, Woods HB The experimental research funder’s handbook. RoRI Working Paper No.6, December 2021

Wallon G, Bendiscioli S, Asif A, Leptin M, Garfinkel MS The values of scientific conferences in a virtual framework: analysis and practical options, December 2021

Bendiscioli S, Garfinkel MS, Informational report “Dealing with the limits of peer review with innovative approaches to allocating research funding”, March 2021

Ordozgoiti E et al., Standardization in Synthetic Biology: A White Book, September 2021

Sitar H, When more is more: A DORA Community Discussion on Multilingualism in Scholarly Communication, DORA blog, January 2021

Garfinkel MS, Sansonetti PJ, Pulverer B, Survival of the Wealthiest?, Editorial, The EMBO Journal, November 2020 

Bendiscioli S, Garfinkel MS, Build research integrity across borders, Research Europe, 16 July 2020

Bendiscioli S, Garfinkel MS, Governance of research integrity: Options for a coordinated approach in Europe, June 2020

Bendiscioli S, The troubles with peer review for allocating research funding, EMBO Reports, November 2019

Bendiscioli S, Time to join up funders’ efforts on research integrity, Research Europe, 5 July 2018

Wager E et al.Cooperation and Liaison Between Universities and Editors (CLUE): Recommendations on Best Practice May 2017 – Preprint for consultation

Bendiscioli S, Wallon G, Garfinkel MS, Exploring Quotas in Academia, AWIS magazine, Vol. 47, December 2015

Garfinkel MS, The public in peer review, EMBOReports, April 2015

EMBO|EMBL Science & Society conference Emerging Biotechnologies – Hype, Hope and Hard Reality, 5-6 November 2015, Heidelberg – Conference report

Pulverer B, When things go wrong: correcting the scientific record, The EMBO Journal, October 2015

Wallon G, Bendiscioli S, Garfinkel MS, Exploring Quotas in Academia – Report from a project to study the effects of gender quotas to increase the participation of women in leadership positions in academic science in Europe, done in collaboration with and funded by the Robert Bosch Stiftung, September 2015

ESF-supported Workshop on the Use of non-anonymized human genome sequence in research: Science and policy, 10-11 December 2014, EMBO, Heidelberg – Workshop report

EMBO | EMBL Science & Society conference Personal and Public Health–Genomics, Medicine and Society, 7-8 November 2013, Heidelberg – Conference report

How much does science matter? Science Policy session at The EMBO Meeting 2013, Amsterdam, 23 September 2013

ESF-supported Workshop on the Biological Containment of Synthetic Microorganisms: Science and policy, 13-14 November 2012, EMBL, Heidelberg – Workshop report

Garfinkel MS, Stem cells, morals and the courts, EMBO reports, 2 December 2011

EMBO | EMBL Science & Society conference Making sense of mental illness, 4-5 November 2011, Heidelberg – Conference report

EMBO response to the EC consultation on the Common Strategic Framework green paper, May 2011

Garfinkel MS, Research infrastructures for Europe’s scientists, EMBO reports, June 2011

Contribution to the European Commission’s Common Strategic Framework for Research and Innovation Funding Public Consultation, May 2011

EMBO | EMBL Science & Society conference Food, sustainability and plant science, 6-7 November 2009 – Conference report