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Work with an EMBO Community member

Open positions in laboratories of EMBO Members, Associate Members and members of the EMBO Young Investigator Network

Current open positions

The following positions in laboratories of EMBO community members are vacant. For information and to apply, please contact the recruiting organization or individual.

  • EMBO Young Investigator NetworkTechnicianPoland

    Protein cage engineering – Lab Manager position

    We are looking for a laboratory manager/technician for maintaining the smooth work of the group as well as for performing experiments in our protein cage engineering projects. The work tasks include maintenance of research materials and instruments in the laboratory, preparation of general lab stocks, teaching experimental techniques and safety rules to students, as well as performing experiments under the supervision of the project leader. The ideal candidate should have at least 2-year work experience in a wet laboratory conducting molecular cloning and recombinant protein production.
    Position offered by: Yusuke Azuma
    Institution: Jagiellonian University, Krakow
    Application closing date: 31 March 2023
  • EMBO Young Investigator NetworkPostdoctoralTurkey

    Autophagy and metastasis

    Successful candidates will work in Gozuacik Lab, in an ambitious, internationally competitive and dynamic research project on cancer biology and molecular disease mechanisms. They will use state-of-the-art methods of cell biology, molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, cancer in vivo mice models and patient-derived cells and tissues. Ph.D degree in molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry or a related field is required. 2x SCI publications is a prerequisite. Previous hands on experience of cell culture techniques and rodent experimentation is a plus. Ability to work independently and strong interpersonal skills are expected. Send your documents and 3x reference letters to: .
    Position offered by: Devrim Gözüacik
    Institution: Koç University School of Medicine, Istanbul
    Application closing date: 31 March 2023
  • EMBO Young Investigator NetworkPhDFrance

    How does regeneration differ from development?

    The recruited  fellow will join the Comparative Developmental Biology and Regeneration team of the Institut de Génomique Fonctionnelle de Lyon (IGFL), located at the campus of the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon in the south of Lyon, France. The IGFL offers a stimulating scientific environment, focusing on the interfaces of animal development, physiology and evolution. The research team is international and the working language is English. (Speaking French is not required.)
    Position offered by: Michalis Averof
    Institution: IGFL, Lyon
    Application closing date: 31 March 2023
  • EMBO Young Investigator NetworkPostdoctoralGermany

    De novo gene birth and human evolution

    This endeavour seeks to unravel the evolutionary impact of a particularly intriguing class of new genes: protein-coding genes that arose “from scratch” (i.e., from previously noncoding DNA sequence) during evolution – so-called de novo genes. We will investigate the prevalence and functional roles of de novo genes in organ development across primates and thus illuminate the molecular evolution underlying the unique biology of humans, in particular that of the brain. The work will rely on the generation and analyses of ribosome profiling data across a unique set of prenatal developmental tissue samples, and the experimental characterisation of selected de novo genes in state-of-the-art in vitro organoid systems, ex vivo fetal tissue cultures, and in vivo transgenic mouse models. We seek enthusiastic applicants with a interest in evolutionary questions and a talent for experimental molecular work and/or bioinformatics analyses (i.e., joint and distinct dry/wet lab projects are possible).
    Position offered by: Henrik Kaessmann
    Institution: ZMBH, Heidelberg University
    Application closing date: 01 May 2023
  • PostdoctoralUnited States

    Gene regulation in dormancy

    Studying gene regulation with quantitative and single-cell methods in dormant microbes.
    Position offered by: Hyun Youk
    Institution: University of Massachusetts Medical School
    Application closing date: 31 May 2023
  • EMBO Young Investigator NetworkPhDIndia

    CRISPR mediated correction for hemoglobinopathies

    The candidate will work with patient derived CD34 cells and study the effect of gene editing on HbF up-regulation as a mechanism for treatment of Sickle cell Anemia and Beta Thallassemia. Previous experience with culturing and CRISPR manipulation of hematopoietic stem cells is desirable. The position is initially for 1 year and can be extended based on performance.
    Position offered by: Debojyoti Chakraborty
    Institution: CSIR IGIB, New Delhi
    Application closing date: 30 June 2023