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Leadership and governance

Directing and guiding the work EMBO does

The EMBO Statutes and Rules came into force in 1964 and have been further evolving since then. 

EMBO Council

EMBO Council is the governing body of EMBO, responsible for ensuring the development of the organization. It consists of 15 members who serve for a period of three years and who may be re-elected for one additional term of office. The Chair of EMBO Council is Michael N. Hall and the Vice-Chair is Titia Sixma. The Secretary General of EMBO is Paul Nurse. 


Michael N. Hall is the EMBO Director ad interim. He was elected as a Member of EMBO in 1995. He is the Chair of the EMBO Council and Full Professor at the Biozentrum at University of Basel, Switzerland.

EMBO Committees

EMBO Members serve on committees and advisory editorial boards to guide programmes and the activities of EMBO Press.


The European Molecular Biology Conference (EMBC), an intergovernmental organization comprising 30 member states, is the funding body of EMBO. The EMBC was founded in 1969 to support the activities of EMBO. EMBC and EMBO share a common commitment to quality research and cooperation at the European level.

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