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EMBO Young Investigator Network

Global network of young group leaders who demonstrated excellence in their fields

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EMBO Young Investigators, Installation Grantees and Global Investigators are group leaders in the early stages of setting up their independent laboratories. Together they form a global network of more than 700 current and former awardees who have demonstrated excellence in their fields.

Young Investigators set up their laboratories in an EMBC Member State, Chile, India, Singapore or Taiwan, Installation Grantees in Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal or Turkey, and Global Investigators in Chile, India, Singapore or Taiwan.

All receive funding and extensive support for networking and other career development activities. One highlight is the annual EMBO Young Investigator meeting where the awardees exchange the latest scientific knowledge. Funding is available for a wide range of networking activities, such as research visits and joint group meetings, and for attending or organizing scientific meetings. Career development activities include training via the EMBO Lab Leadership course.

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