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Sustainable conferencing

Measures to reduce the environmental impact of in-person meetings

As a funder of international scientific courses and workshops with more than 11,000 participants annually, EMBO is concerned about the environmental impact caused by the events and related travel.

Resulting from discussion and consultations with organizers of EMBO Courses & Workshops, we are proposing sustainability measures which have been implemented in our guidelines for EMBO-funded scientific events.

In support of the measures proposed, EMBO is offering to organizers of EMBO-funded events a virtual meeting platform. The platform enables virtual and hybrid meetings as an alternative not only during the pandemic, but also to reduce the environmental impact of in-person meetings.

A blog and a set of short guidelines on virtual meetings provide information and tips for the organization of virtual events.

Virtual meetings have become the norm for almost all of us during the pandemic. Due to advances in technology this is working surprisingly well and has saved millions of airmiles and therefore CO2 emissions. We interviewed conference participants and professional organizers to learn what scientists value most about scientific meetings and if and how these needs can or cannot be addressed in virtual meetings. The report, which we use to inform our conference funding policies for the future, is available here.

Organising a virtual or hybrid conference requires some additional considerations, these include technology, the preparation and handling of speakers and the management of the expectations of the virtual (and in-person) participants. This document provides an overview of the points to consider when organising a hybrid or virtual conference.

The virtual meeting platform, linked to the website and registration system provided to EMBO organizers, offers easy access to talks and poster sessions and enables communication between participants.

Please contact us if you want to have access to the demo.

Join the discussion on virtual meeting organization, find advice, tips and tricks for successful virtual and hybrid meetings.

Fee waivers and childcare grants are available (via the organizers) for virtual and hybrid EMBO Courses & Workshops.

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