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Contacting a member of staff

Email: To contact individual staff members, please use firstname.lastname @ 

Phone: To reach a particular extension, please dial +49 (0)6221 8891 followed by the extension number indicated below. 

Director's Office

Fiona Watt101Director
Terry O'Connor144Head of Special Projects
Bettina Trueb104Head of Office
Alex Barrington145Archivist
Eilish Craddock102Personal Assistant to the Director
Alessandra Bendiscioli119Senior Policy Officer
Erica Boxheimer505Policy Officer
Sophia Hercus124Officer, EMBC and EMBO Council
Vid Nukala563Senior Community Engagement Officer
Guillaume Parodi204Community Engagement Officer
Philipp Weber403Project Officer

EMBO Membership & Elections

Volker Wiersdorff118Head
Larisa Bulgatova-Gottschalk551Programme Specialist
Sophia Hercus124Programme Officer
Rosy Szymanski551Programme Officer

EMBO Fellowship Programme

Karin Dumstrei122Head
Elsie Chan409Programme Officer
Kate Le Vézouët117Programme Assistant
Ghulam Rasool561Programme Officer
Daniele Viarisio502Senior Programme Officer

EMBO Courses & Workshops Programme

Gerlind Wallon112Head
Ayesha Asif115Programme Specialist
Igor Jukic120Web and Graphic Design Specialist
Esther Sifuma105Programme Officer
Julianna Patricia Varga127Programme Officer

EMBO Young Investigator Programme and Installation Grants

Gerlind Wallon112Head
Lena Steshenko110Senior Programme Officer
Ildiko Tropa211Programme Assistant
Julianna Patricia Varga127Programme Officer

EMBO Policy Programme

Alessandra Bendiscioli119Senior Policy Officer
Vid Nukala563Senior Community Engagement Officer
Guillaume Parodi204Community Engagement Officer
Erica Wilfong505Policy Officer

EMBO Global Activities and EMBO Global Investigators

Vid Nukala563Head, Government Relations
Gerlind Wallon112Head, Scientific Activities
Lena Steshenko110Senior Programme Officer
Leonor Teles-Grilo Ruivo132Programme Officer

EMBO Press

Bernd Pulverer501Head
Thomas Lemberger413Deputy Head
Annika Diederich310Administrative Officer
Joel Maupin301Marketing and Project Manager
Christopher Rickerby402Data Integrity Analyst and Editorial Assistant

The EMBO Journal

Ieva Gailite309Senior Editor
Daniel Klimmeck407Senior Editor
Ioannis Papaioannou202Editor
Cornelius Schneider408Editor
William Teale205Editor

EMBO Reports

Bernd Pulverer501Chief Editor
Achim Breiling109Senior Editor
Holger Breithaupt415Senior Editor
Martina Rembold305Senior Editor
Deniz Senyilmaz Tiebe210Editor

Molecular Systems Biology

Thomas Lemberger413Associate Editor
Poonam Bheda116Editor
Jingyi Hou116Editor
Maria Polychronidou410Senior Editor

EMBO Molecular Medicine

Poonam Bheda116Editor
Zeljko Durdevic401Editor
Jingyi Hou116Editor
Lise Roth412Senior Editor

Review Commons

Thomas Lemberger413Project Lead
Sara Monaco308Managing Editor
Ruby Priyadarshini Ponnudurai113Editor

Open Science Implementation

Thomas Lemberger413Head
Thomas Eidens507Web Developer
Hannah Sonntag405Scientific Coordinator, SourceData
Jorge Abreu Vicente506Machine Learning Developer
Evgeniia VolochayTrainee

Administration / Finance

Jonathan Kirsch126Head
Noemi Boros114Senior Accounts Officer
Jia Luo130General Assistant
Divya Minhas128Accounts Officer
Gilda Motzny107Finance and Administration Officer
Sonja Schindler111Senior Accounts Officer

Information Support & Resources

Alejandro Riera121Head
Volker Wiersdorff118Outgoing Head
Martin Kubik562IT Support Administrator
Stephen Pewter103Digital Communications Specialist and Web Developer


Tilmann Kießling108Head
Astrid Gall508Communications Officer and Writer
Jens Hedinger203Graphic Designer
Igor Jukic120Web and Graphic Design Specialist
Helen Sitar106Communications Officer

EMBO Solutions

Jonathan Kirsch126Managing Director
Natalie Bamford135Trainer
Aidan BuddTrainer
Martin Cairns125Administrator
Céline Carret411Trainer
Novella GuidiScientific Editor
Samuel Krahl400Head of Training
Thomas Lemberger413Authorised Representative - Scientific Publishing
Reilly LorenzEditorial Assistant
Yvonne Yeboah129Digital Learning and Project Manager