New Venture Fellowships

Supporting young scientists to enter a new field

Application deadline
1 June 2021


  • Applicants must be active researchers with a minimum of two years research experience at the PhD level, and no more than two years experience as an independent group leader.
  • Projects must have a biological significance and should increase our knowledge on a particular biological process.
  • Applications should promote interdisciplinary research, with the proposed project being different to the applicant’s current topic.
  • Applications should aim to form new collaborations, to help ensure the continuity of the research.
  • The fellowship must involve a research project at the host lab. Applications for consultations only, or to attend courses, workshops, or symposia will not be considered.
  • EMBO does not consider applications for the EMBO New Venture Fellowship to prolong visits begun under other auspices, or as bridging fellowships between, or prior to, long term stays funded by EMBO or other organizations.
  • The fellowships are awarded for exchanges between laboratories in EMBC Member States, Associated Member States or Cooperation Partners. During 2021, applications for research exchanges involving Japan and one of the EMBC Member States or Cooperation Partners are eligible. Exchanges between two laboratories within the same country are not eligible.