Advanced Collaboration Grants

Supporting group leaders in participating countries to develop collaborative projects

Application deadline:
31 August 2024



All applications are examined by the EMBO Fellowship Office to ensure that they are complete and eligible. Receipt of complete applications will be acknowledged via email.

Applications are assessed by the following criteria:

  • The biological significance of the proposal, including its aim to increase our knowledge on a particular biological process.
  • The quality, feasibility, and novelty of the project to be developed/carried out in the hosting laboratory.
  • Justification of the research visit regarding the applicant’s scientific vision.
  • Tangible objectives with a timeline (e.g. a defined grant application, or to generate preliminary data to test the feasibility of a project).
  • The suitability of the host laboratory for the proposed work.
  • Reference letter from the host group leader demonstrating their commitment to the visit.
  • Reference letter from the home institute director in support of the visit and the collaboration.
  • Motivation letter from the member of the home laboratory wishing to participate in the collaboration via the Scientific Consolidation Subsidy (if applicable).

As soon as a decision is reached, normally within three months from submission of a complete application, applicants are informed promptly. Final decisions will be made by the EMBO Fellowship Head based on reports provided by the EMBO Short-Term Grants Advisory Board.