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Installation Grants


EMBO Installation Grants support early-career scientists establishing independent laboratories in one of five participating EMBC Member States that fund their respective grantees. At present, Installation Grant applications are accepted by the Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal, Montenegro and Turkey* with the aim of strengthening the life sciences in these countries.


The Installation Grants were launched in 2006. Installation Grantees are selected annually on the basis of high-quality research, and, together with the EMBO Young Investigators, form a prestigious network of Europe’s up-and-coming life scientists.

To date, 78 scientists have been selected as Installation Grantees. Information about the projects that have been funded each year and their recipients is available in the EMBO Installation Grantee database.

*Estonia is a current member of the SDIG scheme, but does not participate in the call 2020.



15 April


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