Funding for meetings that stimulate exchanges of the latest scientific knowledge

The deadlines for applications are 1 March 2024 and 1 August 2024, 12:00 noon CE(S)T


EMBO Workshops must take place in an EMBC Member State, an EMBC Associate Member State, in countries and territories covered by a cooperation agreement or in countries eligible for support by EMBO and The Company of Biologists. A complete list of eligible countries and territories can be found below.

Austria (A)Finland (A)Japan (D)Republic of Korea (D)
Belgium (A)France (A)Lithuania (A)Singapore (B)
Brazil (D)Germany (A)Luxembourg (A)Slovak Republic (A)
Canada (D)Greece (A)Malta (A)Slovenia (A)
Chile (C)Hungary (A)Mexico (D)Spain (A)
China (D)Iceland (A)Montenegro (A)Sweden (A)
Croatia (A)India (B)Netherlands (A)Switzerland (A)
Czech Republic (A)Ireland (A)Norway (A)Taiwan (C)
Denmark (A)Israel (A)Poland (A)Türkiye (A)
Estonia (A)Italy (A)Portugal (A)United Kingdom (A)

Organizers can be of any nationality and be based in any country of the world.

EMBO Workshops must cover a topic from the life sciences, and organizers must provide a convincing justification that the workshop serves an active and evolving community. Furthermore, the application should include a list of (mostly) confirmed speakers.

For detailed information on the eligibility criteria, including the format of EMBO Workshops, please consult the application guidelines

(A) EMBC Member States

(B) EMBC Associate Member States

(C) Countries / territories covered by a co-operation agreement\

(D) Countries / territories eligible for co-funding by EMBO and The Company of Biologists