Practical Courses

Funding for courses that provide training in experimental techniques and promote the transfer of methodologies

The deadlines for applications are 1 March 2024 and 1 August 2024, 12:00 noon CE(S)T


EMBO is looking to fund cutting edge courses that provide high quality training to scientists. In addition, the following aspects are considered by the EMBO Course Committee:


  • The topic/techniques presented must be cutting edge and the course should cover a relatively broad range.


  • The selected instructors should cover the topic in sufficient depth and breadth and be experts in the topic.
  • The ratio of instructors to students should be appropriate to allow all participants to receive good tutoring on the topic/techniques presented.
  • Participation of instructors should be confirmed.

Networking aspects:

  • Sufficient time should be dedicated for networking (joint meals, coffee breaks and group discussions) and for participants’ presentation of their work


  • The equipment and materials should be state-of-the-art and appropriate to the topic.
  • Instructors and students should be housed together if possible.

For a detailed list of selection criteria, refer to the application guidelines

The selection process involves the following steps:

  • All applications are screened by the EMBO Courses & Workshops Office to ensure eligibility requirements are met.
  • Each application is assigned to and reviewed in depth by at least two members of the EMBO Course Committee.
  • The final decision on which proposals receive funding is made by the entire committee at meetings in May and October. The success rate of applications is approximately 50%.
  • All applicants are informed of the outcome of their application by email shortly after the committee meeting.
  • Please note that the committee decision is final and cannot be appealed.