Practical Courses

Funding for courses that provide training in experimental techniques and promote the transfer of methodologies

The deadlines for applications are 1 March 2024 and 1 August 2024, 12:00 noon CE(S)T


Applications for EMBO Practical Courses are accepted twice a year and must be submitted through the online system. Organizers are advised to apply as early as possible in the calendar year preceding the proposed date of the practical course.

Application process:

  • The deadlines for applications are 1 March 2023 and 1 August 2023, 09:00 CE(S)T.
  • Applicants will be asked to complete an online application form and an offline application form: the online form for basic data, such as title, organizers, abstract, keywords etc. and the budget; the offline form as the main application form (in MS Word format) for detailed information, including speaker list and programme. The offline form must be submitted as a PDF via the application web site. The separation of the main application from the basic information will allow organiser groups to work together to finalise their draft. The information requested is the same as previously.

Please review the application guidelines for further details before submitting your application. 

Please note: For repeating practical courses, a new application is required for each individual course within a series, which will be evaluated competitively.

Applicants are asked to provide:

  • A list of the organizers
  • Proposed title and topic of the course
  • Reasons for holding a meeting on the proposed topic
  • Information on any competing or similar meetings held in the current, proposed or following year
  • Proposed date and location
  • List of proposed speakers and instructors
  • Draft programme
  • Selection criteria and number of participants
  • Draft budget

For detailed information on the application process, key dates and required documentation, please consult the application guidelines