Young Investigator Programme

Supporting young group leaders in Europe and beyond

Application deadline: 1 April


Selection criteria

The primary selection criterion is scientific excellence. Additional aspects considered by the EMBO Young Investigator Committee are:

  • Track record
  • Proposed research
  • Group and research environment
  • Financial and intellectual independence

Selection process

The selection process involves the following steps:

  • The pre-application stage: applicants whose initial applications were considered competitive for an award by the selection committee are invited to submit a full application and attend an interview.
  • Full application review: The invited full applications are sent to an EMBO Member with expertise in the applicant’s research area for a confidential review.
  • Interview: Candidates attend a panel interview with a subset of the Young Investigator Committee, where they deliver a presentation summarizing their current results, projects and future directions, followed by discussion.
  • Final decision: Following the interviews, the committee makes a final decision, and all candidates are informed by email of the outcome of their application.

No feedback will be given following the pre-selection stage due to the high number of applications each committee member has to review. However, the committee will provide feedback following an unsuccessful interview and the EMBO Office will forward the comments to the candidates.

Please do not contact the committee members directly. Personally contacting YIP committee members for application advice/feedback can be interpreted as attempting to influence selection results and will disqualify your application.