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EMBO Members

More than 2,000 leading life scientists in Europe and beyond 

Council nomination and election

EMBO is directed by a Council. This council consists of nine EMBO Members elected by the EMBO Membership and six EMBO Members co-opted by the EMBO Council. The term of office of Council members is three years beginning in January of the year following election. Each year three EMBO Members are elected, and two EMBO Members are co-opted to serve on the Council. The Council members are eligible for immediate re-election or co-option for one further term of office.

EMBO Members may nominate one EMBO Member for EMBO Council. This is done by sending a nomination form to the Council Office naming the candidate and four (4) EMBO Members (the nominator and three sponsors) who will support the nomination. The supporting EMBO Members should confirm their support by sending an email to the Council Office.

EMBO Associate Members are not eligible to nominate EMBO Members for, or stand for election to, EMBO Council.

Nominations for the election of EMBO Members to serve on the Council must reach the Council Office by 1 December.

All EMBO Members are entitled to vote on the candidates for EMBO Council. Each member has a maximum of three votes.

The three candidates receiving the highest number of votes will become members of EMBO Council. Another two EMBO Members are co-opted to serve on the EMBO Council.

The online voting system is open from 15 December until 1 February.