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About Young Investigators


About Young Investigators


There are currently 74 current EMBO Young Investigators who, together with 268 former members of the programme and recipients of an EMBO Installation Grantform a vibrant network of over 400 life scientists.


A dedicated twitter feed for the programme exists; please follow for news from Young Investigators and Installation Grantees. Awards won by programme members are also listed on the awards tab.


Find a Young Investigator


The Young Investigator database lists all current and former EMBO Young Investigators.  Please browse the database to find out more about their research. You can also search by keyword to find a Young Investigator working in a particular area.


If you are looking for a speaker and plan to apply for an Young Investigator Lecture Grant to support their talk, please remember to click the find ' only those eligible for YIP lectures' checkbox in the search form. 





EMBO Young Investigators regularly win honours or awards for their research. Please find below a list of some of the awards won recently by current or former members of the programme.


Many Young Investigators (171) have also been awarded an ERC starting, consolidator or advanced grant since ERC grants were first awarded in 2007. Additionally, one hundred  current or former programme members have been elected to EMBO Membership.  


Awards won by Young Investigators in 2015


Young Investigator Selected in award
Helen Walden 2011 Biochemical Society Colworth Medal
Victoria Cowling 2013 British Society for Cell Biology Women in Cell Biology Early Career Medal
Evi Soutoglou 2012 CNRS Bronze Medal
Thomas Lecuit 2003 CNRS Silver Medal
Melina Schuh 2012 EMBL John Kendrew Young Scientist Award
Ido Amit 2013 EMBO Gold Medal
Sarah Teichmann 2003
Thomas Wollert 2014 Eppendorf / Nature Eppendorf Award for Young European Investigators
Steven West 2014 Lister Institute Lister Prize
Robert Klose 2010 The Royal Society Francis Crick Award Lecture


Awards won by Young Investigators in 2014


Young Investigator Selected in award
Manuel Thery 2013 American Society for Cell Biology Early Career Life Scientist Award 
M. Madan Babu 2009 Biochemical Society Colworth Medal
Melina Schuh 2012 Biochemical Society Early Career Research Award (Cells)
Juan Martín-Serrano 2008 Biochemical Society The GlaxoSmithKline Award
Sarah Teichmann 2003 Biophysical Society Michael and Kate Bárány Award
Anne Bertolotti 2004 British Society for Cell Biology Hooke Medal
Brian Luke 2013 C.H.S.-Foundation Chica and Heinz Schaller Research Award
Jacob Hanna 2012 Selected by Cell in their list “40 under 40” most innovative young scientists
David Keays 2012
Maya Schuldiner 2011
Aurelio Teleman 2010
Óscar Fernández-Capetillo 2008
Benjamin Prud'homme 2011 CNRS Bronze Medal
Sophie Martin 2009 EMBO Gold medal
Thomas Wollert 2014 German Society for Cell Biology Walther-Flemming Medal
Uri Alon 2000 HFSP Nakasone Award
Kim Jensen 2013 LEO Pharma Research Foundation (LPRF) in association with the European Society for Dermatological Research (ESDR) Gold prize
Thomas Richards 2012 Leverhulme Trust Philip Leverhulme Prize
Melina Schuh 2012 Lister Institute Lister Prize
M. Madan Babu 2009 Lister Institute Lister Prize
Jason Carroll 2010 Louis-Jeantet Foundation Louis-Jeantet Young Investigator Career Award
Felipe Cortés Ledesma 2014 SEBBM Young Investigator Prize
Luca Jovine 2009 Swedish Society for Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology Hugo Theorells prize
Sophie Martin 2009 Swiss Society for Biochemistry Friedrich Miescher-Award
Duncan Odom 2009 The Royal Society Francis Crick Award Lecture
Paloma Más 2007  Carmen and Severo Ochoa Research Prize for Molecular Biology
Dirk Schübeler 2006  ESCI Award for Excellence in Biomedical Investigation
Frédéric Saudou 2002  Lounsbery Prize for Biology and Medicine
M. Madan Babu 2009  Protein Science Young Investigator Award




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