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Italy has been an EMBC Member State since 1972.

Facts and figures

Italy has more than 1.7 million students1 enrolled across 97 universities, of which 67 are under public law2. Nearly 20% of Italy’s population aged 15-64 has completed tertiary education, and 35% of employed people have tertiary education and/or work in science and technology3.

The country’s R&D expenditure was 1.47% of GDP in 20194. Business companies invested 16.6 billion euros, about 63% of total expenditure, while universities and non-profit organizations contributed about 24% of total expenditure. The share of the Italian government was 12.5%4.

Italy ranks among the top 30 most innovative economies, with Milan representing a top Science & Technology cluster worldwide5. In 2020, the European Patent Office granted 3,813 patents to first patentees residing in Italy6. According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Italy is a frontrunner in work-life balance, civic engagement, social connections and health7.

Researchers in Italy have been successful in securing international funding, for example through EU’s Horizon 2020 scheme, European Research Council grants, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions programs8 and EMBO fellowships9.

The Ministry of University and Research (MUR) oversees higher education and research institutions in Italy, and is one of the main national funding agencies10. MUR’s National Research Program 2021-2027 is a multiannual framework program aimed at achieving important goals, including the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and the Next Generation EU initiative11.

In line with EU’s new funding program Horizon Europe, MUR’s National Research Program 2021-2027 uses a cross-sectoral clusters approach to boost key technologies, promote international research and strengthen interdisciplinary collaborations12.

Population: 59.2 million13
R&D spending: 1.47% of GDP4
Life scientists: 1.8 million14
Foreign researchers: ~ 2%15
Patents: 3,8136
Number of universities: 97 (67 under public law)2
Horizon 2020 funding8:
17,031 organizations involved in H2020 projects
478 ERC Principal Investigators
2,646 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions funded researchers

All life scientists in Italy are eligible for the EMBO Programmes supporting life scientists in Europe and beyond.

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All information as of September 2022.


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