Engaging with life scientists and decision-makers

At the EMBO Members’ Meeting 2019, Heidelberg/Germany

EMBO engages with the EMBO communities and other researchers in Europe and beyond. We gather and evaluate their feedback and transpose it into actions to foster their research. EMBO works with decision-makers at the European level to understand their goals and how we can contribute to achieving them. We assure that they are aware of the views and needs of researchers in the life sciences. 

EMBO seeks to expand its reach and impact, and to promote and spread research excellence in the life sciences through online and in-person engagement.

EMBO’s engagement is driven by values of mutual respect, diversity and inclusion, professional integrity and accountability, and service to the community.

To learn more about EMBO communities, please visit – www.embo.org/the-embo-communities/

EMBO engages by:

  • Sustaining an ongoing dialogue with its communities
  • Understanding the needs of the communities and how EMBO can best serve them
  • Sharing information and highlighting contributions
  • Enabling networking and collaboration
  • Identifying and supporting EMBO community champions
  • Utilizing the scientific knowledge and technical know-how
  • Facilitating sharing of science, technology, and innovation policies and ethics expertise among the community.

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