Maria Leptin|EMBO Science Journalism Fellowships

Supporting life scientists pursuing a career in science journalism and science journalists who wish to further their scientific education

Applications accepted throughout the year


Successful applicants receive a stipend, the amount of which depends on the cost of living in the country and the number of days the scholarship holders spend pursuing the activity for which they have applied. For scientists preparing for a career as a science journalist, the duration of the fellowship is between three and a maximum of twelve months. For journalists who spend time at a research institute as part of the fellowship, the maximum duration of the fellowship is three months. The scholarships are intended to cover living expenses as well as travel and labour costs. The scholarships can be combined with other grants or income from freelance work. It is not possible to extend the scholarship period. Scholarship holders are responsible for their own social security contributions, any taxes or other costs incurred. This scheme was made possible by a private donation from Maria Leptin.