EMBO Member Keynote Lectures

EMBO Member Keynote Lectures are given by an EMBO Member or Associate Member at a major international scientific meeting

Applications accepted throughout the year


Application should be made by the meeting organizer and fulfill the following requirements:

  • Support will only be provided for a speaker who is an EMBO Member or an EMBO Associate Member.
  • The meeting must cover a topic from one of EMBO’s subject areas.
  • The meeting must take place at the earliest four months from the date of the application. Applications are open throughout the year, however, please note that new applications will be checked  every first of the month and review will take up to six weeks. 
  • Funding will be provided for only one speaker per meeting.
  • The lecture must have keynote lecture status, be featured prominently within the meeting programme and be entitled “The EMBO Lecture”.
  • The meeting should have a geographically diverse speaker list.
  • At least 40% of speakers should be of the underrepresented gender.
  • Registrations must be open to all; closed meetings will not be funded.
  • The meeting must be a stand-alone event; talks at satellite meetings will not be funded.

If the application is successful:

  • A selection of EMBO promotional material can be made available to the organizer for display at the meeting.
  • The EMBO logo must be included on all publicity related to the meeting.
  • The speaker should be introduced at the meeting as an EMBO Member.
  • Only the travel and accommodation costs can be reimbursed to the speaker. The following costs will not be covered:
    • Stipend for the speaker
    • Subsistence
    • Meeting registration fee
    • Costs towards the general organization of the meeting.
  • If the meeting and lecture are held virtually, EMBO will support the conference with 1,000 euros. The funds can be used only to cover costs for the technical platform of the meeting. Purchase of equipment or administration will not be supported. Organizers should submit the relevant receipts to the EMBO Courses & Workshops Office for reimbursement after the meeting.

Please also note that:

  • Preference will be given to meetings with more than 100 participants.
  • Meetings that primarily have undergraduate students as the target audience are considered as low priority and will not be funded.
  • Funding is not available for keynote lectures at EMBO Workshops and EMBO | EMBL Symposia.