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Gold Medal


The EMBO Gold Medal is awarded annually to young scientists for outstanding contributions to the life sciences in Europe.


Young independent group leaders play a major role in building a strong research environment. EMBO places a focus on supporting the needs of young researchers at different stages of their careers. By awarding the EMBO Gold Medal, EMBO wishes to acknowledge and highlight some of the remarkable achievements of this group. EMBO Members are invited to nominate candidates, please refer to the nomination procedure.


The winner of the EMBO Gold Medal receives a hand-crafted medal and a bursary of 10,000 euros. 


EMBO Gold Medal awards since 1986

2018 Marek Basler CH 2002 Amanda Fisher UK
2018 Melina Schuh DE 2001 Matthew Freeman UK
2017 Maya Schuldiner IL 2000 Christof Niehrs DE
2016 Richard Benton CH 2000 Daniel St Johnston UK
2016 Ben Lehner ES 1999 Konrad Basler CH
2015 Sarah Teichmann UK 1998 Adriano Aguzzi CH
2015 Ido Amit IL 1997 Dirk Görlich DE
2014 Sophie Martin CH 1996 Enrico Coen UK
2013 Thijn Brummelkamp NL 1995 Richard Treisman UK
2012 Jiří Friml BE 1994 Paolo Sassone-Corsi US
2011 Simon Boulton UK 1993 Jim Smith UK
2010 Jason W. Chin UK 1992 Carl-Henrik Heldin SE
2009 Revoked 1991 Patrick Stragier FR
2008 James Briscoe UK 1990 Erwin F. Wagner ES
2007 Jan Löwe UK 1989 Hugh Pelham UK
2006 Frank Uhlmann UK 1988 Antonio Lanzavecchia CH
2005 Dario Alessi UK 1987 Barbara Pearse UK
2004 Maria Blasco ES 1986 John Tooze US
2003 Anthony Hyman DE



Nominations deadline

1 February


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