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EMBO Fellows Network



EMBO Fellows can stay connected with the EMBO community through the EMBO Fellows Facebook and Twitter page.

Here, fellows will receive the latest EMBO Fellows news, communicate with others and much more.


Main features of both pages are:

  • News about EMBO Fellows
  • Communicate with other EMBO Fellows
  • Promote your science
  • Stay up to date with the annual Fellows' Meeting
Relevant job vacancies:


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Bjørn Panyella Pedersen (YI-2019) | MBG Aarhus University, Aarhus, DK Postdoctoral Fellow
Structural analysis of plant hormone transporters
Piotr Szwedziak (IG-2019) | Institute of Mol Mechanisms and Machines, Warsaw, PL PhD
CryoEM of primordial membrane remodelling protein complexes
Janusz Bujnicki (YI-2002) | IIMCB in Warsaw, PL PhD
Database development and bioinformatics analyses
Arieh Zaritsky | Ben-Gurion University, Be'er-Sheva, IL Postdoctoral Fellow
Regulation of Cell Division and Dimensions in Bacillary Bacteria
Claudia Bank (IG-2018) | IEE, University of Bern, CH Postdoctoral Fellow
Eco-evolutionary modeling of the consequences of hybridization
Torben Heick Jensen (YI-2003) | MBG, Aarhus University, DK Postdoctoral Fellow
Mammalian nuclear RNA turnover systems
| IMP Vienna, AU Group Leader
Molecular cell biology, developmental and regeneration biology, immunology and cancer research
Tom Baden (YI-2018)  | University of Sussex, GB PhD
6 funded PhD studentships in Neuroscience and AI
Richard Benton (YI-2011)  | University of Lausanne, CH PhD
Neuronal circuit development and evolution
Elena Seiradake (YI-2017)  | Oxford University, UK Associate Professor
Research Group Leader in Molecular and Cell Biology (usually made permanent after 5 years)
Giulia Rancati (YI-2016) | SII, Shanghai , China Postdoctoral Fellow
Inflammatory responses in pulmonary diseases
Adele Marston (YI-2009) | University of Edinburgh, GB

Integrative Cell Mechanisms Wellcome PhD Programme

Fernando Casares (YI-2000) | CABD (Andalusian Centre for Developmental Biology), ES PhD
The Energetic Cost of Biological Pattern Formation
Volker Hauke (YI-2003) | Leibniz Institute (FMP), Berlin, DE

Membrane contact sites in neurotransmission in neurons

Volker Haucke (YI-2003) | Leibniz Institute (FMP), Berlin, DE Postdoctoral Fellow
Synapse formation in stem cell-derived human neurons
Laszlo Nagy (YI-2000) | Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, US Postdoctoral Fellow
Epigenomics of macrophage cell type specification
Laszlo Nagy (YI-2000) | Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, US Postdoctoral Fellow
Role of inflammation in disease progression
Maria Gorna (IG-2015) | University of Warsaw, PL Postdoctoral Fellow
Targeted proteolysis approaches in bacteria
Matteo Iannacone (YI-2015) | San Raffaele Scientific Institute, IT Bioinformatician
Translational Genomics and Bioinformatics
Manuel Valiente (YI-2018) | Spanish National Cancer Research Centre, ES Postdoctoral Fellow
Molecular rewiring of the brain metastasis microenvironment
Christian Stockmann | University of Zurich, CH PhD
Immunology, vascular biology and blood pressure control, starting as soon as possible
Manuel Valiente (YI-2018) | CNIO, ES Postdoctoral Fellow
Application of novel optic strategies to study brain tumors
Vincenzo Costanzo (YI-2006) | IFOM, IT Postdoctoral Fellow
Role of BRCA2/RAD51 in controlling DNA replication stress
François Fuks (YI-2006) | ULB-University of Brussels, BE Postdoctoral Fellow
Tambet Teesalu (IG-2011) | University of Tartu, EE Postdoctoral Fellow
Precision drug delivery
Yad Ghavi-Helm | CNRS, FR Postdoctoral Fellow
The role of enhancer activity in the 3D organization of the genome during Drosophila embryogenesis
Gad Asher (YI-2014) | Weizmann Institute of Science, IL Postdoctoral Fellow
Circadian clocks and metabolism
Devrim Gözüaçik (IG-2006) | Sabanci University Istanbul, TR Postdoctoral Fellow
Autophagy and cancer
Massimo Santoro | University of Padua, IT  Postdoctoral Fellow
Blood flow signaling during angiogenesis
Massimo Santoro | University of Padua, IT  Postdoctoral Fellow
Redox homeostasis and metabolism in cancer
Yue Wan (YI 2017) | Genome Institute of Singapore, SG Postdoctoral Fellow
Post-transcriptional RNA regulation in mammalian systems
Bjoern Schumacher | University of Cologne, DE Postdoctoral Fellow
Role of DNA damage in cancer and ageing
Daniel Wolfram Gerlich (YI-2009) | IMBA, AT Postdoctoral Fellow
Chromosome structure and biophysics
Franz Weber | University of Pennsylvania, US Postdoctoral Fellow
Circuits and function of sleep
Annika Guse (YIP-2017) | Heidelberg University, DE  Postdoctoral Fellow
Molecular mechanisms of intracellular coral-algal symbiosis
Isabel Bäurle (YI-2015) | University of Potsdam, DE Postdoctoral Fellow
Role of chromatin in environmental stress memory



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Kelly Sheehan-Rooney

Kelly Sheehan-Rooney
Programme Head
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Inga Brak

Inga Brak
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Larisa Bulgatova-Gottschalk

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