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Courses & Workshops


Through the Courses & Workshops Programme, EMBO supports and encourages the sharing of scientific knowledge and skills across all disciplines in the life sciences. EMBO Courses and Workshops are organised by some of the leading scientists in their fields, and enjoy an excellent reputation throughout the world.


EMBO funds over 90 events attracting more than 11,000 participants every year, making it the largest funder of scientific meetings in Europe. Funding is available for Workshops, Practical Courses, Global Lecture Courses, EMBO | FEBS Lecture CoursesKeynote Lectures and India | EMBO Lecture Courses.


In addition to providing financial support, EMBO assists organizers with the promotion of the meeting, as well as with the creation of a website with registration system and abstract submission facilities and the design of a poster.


EMBO Workshops are scientific meetings that bring together scientists to present and discuss their latest discoveries.


EMBO Practical Courses offer training in emerging techniques, taught by experts. Practical courses promote the transfer of new methodologies between laboratories.


Travel grants are available to support participants attending an event.


Child care grants are available to support scientists with child care responsibilities to attend EMBO Courses and Workshops.


EMBO would like to promote the reduction in CO2 emissions in order to lessen environmental impact by encouraging the organisers of EMBO Courses and Workshops to implement, to the best of their abilities, some measures that should keep the CO2 footprint of the course or workshop at a minimum.

We are aware that these measures may neither seem nor be significant on their own, but we do hope that they will create awareness and will help to change many people’s minds and behaviours. Only together can we make a difference to the climate and the future of the planet and our children. We would therefore welcome that organizers encourage debate about this topic at the meeting. 



To find out more about the topics covered at EMBO meetings, visit the list of upcoming and past events.



1 March and 1 August for EMBO Workshops, Practical Courses and Lecture Courses planned for the following year.


1 March for EMBO | FEBS Lecture Courses planned for the following year.


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Gerlind Wallon
Programme Head
 T. +49 6221 8891 112



Joy Akinyi

Joy Akinyi
Programme Specialist
General administration
T. + 49 6221 8891 105


Ayesha Asif

Ayesha Asif
Programme Officer
Websites administration
T. + 49 6221 8891 115


Igor Jukic

Igor Jukic
Web & Graphic Design Officer
T. + 49 6221 8891 120