EMBO Courses and Workshops privacy policy

This policy applies to the EMBO Courses and Workshops programme activities, including websites created by EMBO for the funded meetings at meetings.embo.org.

For organisers

Organisers can request EMBO to host the website of the meeting. Please note that EMBO does not take responsibility for the content provided by the organisers of the meeting.
Organisers are responsible for ensuring that all content and images provided by them for the websites comply with German copyright laws. Any fines resulting from copyright infringement will be the organisers’ responsibility and will be deducted from the final payment of the awarded EMBO funding.

Organisers shall comply with all applicable laws, regulations, standards and guidelines, including the GDPR, in the use of the funds provided and shall ensure that all processes and procedures related to the organisation of the meeting comply with all local laws, regulations, standards and guidelines that apply in the jurisdictions in which the meeting takes place.
If organisers plan to contact event participants after the EMBO Course or Workshop has taken place, they must obtain the participants’ active consent during the event (e.g. through a sign-up list). Under the GDPR, organisers have an obligation to document that participants have given this consent, so the corresponding documentation should be kept for records. These records have to be kept as long as the contact list is in use and both must be destroyed once they are no longer needed.

For the speakers and participants

Participants and speakers who register for a course or workshop are required to provide certain personal data which EMBO and the meeting organisers need to process the request or to meet certain legal requirements.

Where the EMBO-provided registration system is used, participant and speaker data will be recorded by means of a bespoke registration platform. It can be accessed by the scientific organisers of the particular course or workshop (these organisers are listed on the website of the course or workshop), or a third-party conference administrator hired by the organisers.

When necessary for technical support, your data may be accessed by Marianne Mandl – EDV Dienstleistungen, owner and operator of Conference Management Software (COMS). Physical hosting by COMS is arranged by Marianne Mandl – EDV Dienstleistungen and may be subcontracted to a GDPR-compliant hosting service within the European Union.

Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*) symbol.

EMBO and the event organisers listed on the event website act as joint data controllers for processing the participant and speaker data. Data is stored on the servers of Hetzner Online GmbH. Personal data is processed in accordance with the GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation (EU Regulation 2016/679) and the Federal Data Protection Law of Germany.

Personal data is processed

a) for participation in the EMBO Course or Workshop, based on Article 6 para 1 b of the GDPR to ensure participation in the course or workshop based on the speaker or participant’s registration.
b) to receive information on EMBO activities via e-mail, based on consent (Article 6 para 1 a of the GDPR), which may be revoked at any time.
Marianne Mandl – EDV Dienstleistungen will delete your personal data from the Conference Management Software servers immediately after having transmitted it to EMBO once per year.

EMBO stores your personal data indefinitely to provide a permanent record of attendance at this event. If you explicitly allow EMBO to contact you for purposes other than the conference or workshop, EMBO will store your name and email address until you unsubscribe from our mailing lists. You can unsubscribe by following the unsubscribe link at the bottom of every EMBO mailing.

You have the following rights vis-à-vis EMBO and the data processor:
Accessing your personal data

  • Correcting your personal data
  • Limiting the processing of your personal data
  • Revoking your consent to receive e-mail newsletters from EMBO by unsubscribing from our mailing lists
  • Data portability – receiving a copy of your data in a reusable electronic format.


You may contact EMBO at:

Meyerhofstrasse 1
69117 Heidelberg Germany

You may contact the event organisers using the contact email address found on the public website for the specific EMBO course or workshop.

For COMS, the authorised data processor is:

Marianne Mandl – EDV Dienstleistungen
Schubertstrasse 19
2100 Korneuburg Austria

operating under contract with EMBO as provider of the Conference Management Software (COMS).