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EMBO Long-Term Fellowship Awards


This page has been updated with a provisional list of recipients of an EMBO Long-Term Fellowship following the Autumn 2013 selection.


DISCLAIMER: The provisional lists published on this page have been compiled with great care and to the best of our knowledge, to inform applicants as early as possible about the probable outcome of their application. However, we cannot assume any liability for the list being up-to-date, complete or accurate. Formal award letters will be sent to all successful applicants by email within a week after the selection.


*Please note: if your number is not on the list, your application was not successful.

ALTF number




EMBO fellowsNet


EMBO fellowsNet is the web-based portal where our fellows, scientists who have benefited from funding and support for post-doctoral research from EMBO Long-Term Fellowships, can stay connected with the EMBO community. Once registered, you can receive news updates from EMBO, upload your contact information and publication records, and communicate with other EMBO Fellows.


Main features of EMBO fellowsNet are:

  • Fellows network, an online searchable database of EMBO Fellows
  • Information on the annual Fellows' Meetings
  • Recent scientific publications with links to author profiles
  • News from EMBO Fellows
  • Job vacancies This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Fellows' Meetings


EMBO organizes annual Fellows' Meetings for those fellows who have recently completed their Long-Term Fellowships.


This annual event aims to bring fellows together in a friendly atmosphere for them to share their experiences, establish new collaborations and contacts. Each fellow can present his/her work with prior submission of a short abstract, published in the meeting booklet. A Science Communication Workshop provides more information about communications with the public and media.


Fellows have the opportunity to meet the EMBO fellowships team and give feedback and suggestions on the activity of the programme.


The next EMBO Fellows' Meeting will take place 12-15 June 2014 at EMBL Heidelberg.


A biennial meeting is held in the US for EMBO Fellows working in North America. The next US EMBO Fellows' Meeting will take place in 2014.

Short-Term Fellowships




Short-Term Fellowships fund research visits of up to three months to laboratories in Europe and elsewhere in the world. The aim is to facilitate valuable collaborations with research groups applying techniques that are unavailable in the applicant's laboratory. Short-Term Fellowships are not awarded for exchanges between two laboratories within the same country. Short-Term Fellowships are intended for joint research work rather than consultations.


All applications should focus on the benefit to the home laboratory and involve movement between countries – one of which must be an EMBC Member State. (For applicants from a laboratory within a non-member state, the Short-Term Fellowships are for a fixed duration of 90 days). The fellowships cover travel plus subsistence of the fellow only and not of dependents.




  • Applicants should either be scientists who obtained their PhD degree (or equivalent) within the last 10 years or pre-doctoral scientists (PhD students). However, candidates with very little research experience will be given lower priority for funding.
  • Short-Term Fellowships are awarded for exchanges between two laboratories in different countries.
  • Either the home laboratory or the host laboratory must be within an EMBC Member State.
  • On completion of the fellowship applicants must return to their home laboratory for at least six months.

Applications, which are presented as a means of training in a technique rather than as a component of a research project, tend to receive lower priority from reviewers.


EMBO does not consider applications for Short-Term Fellowships to prolong visits begun under other auspices, or as bridging fellowships between, or prior to, long term stays funded by EMBO or other organizations. Applications for fellowships to attend courses, workshops, or symposia will not be considered.



There is no deadline for applications, however it is recommended to apply three months before the proposed starting date.


Please note: Applications received or completed only after the start of the visit will not be considered.


The application process is handled via the online application system.


The Receiving Institute Acceptance Form and two confidential letters of reference (one from the current supervisor) must be sent to the EMBO Short-Term Fellowship office by post or email.


Please read the helpful notes for applicants and the Short-Term Fellowships guidelines for applicants before applying online.



Applications are refereed by EMBO Members or Young Investigators expert in the area of the research project through a written evaluation.


The reviewers are asked to judge the quality of the candidate, the research project and the receiving laboratory, but the major criterion is the projected benefit to the home laboratory of the applicant.


As soon as a decision is reached, normally within three to four months from submission of a complete application, applicants are informed promptly.



Duration of support

Short-Term Fellowships are intended for visits of 1 week up to 3 months. For applicants from laboratories outside the EMBC Member States the duration is fixed to 90 days.


Travel costs and stipend

The fellowships cover travel plus subsistence of the fellow but not of any dependents. The subsistence rate depends on the country being visited.


End of fellowship report

Please note! Your Application Short-Term Fellowship (ASTF) number and your current address MUST be included on your end report.


It is requested that you forward your end report as soon as convenient after completion of your fellowship, addressed to Dr Andrea Hutterer, EMBO Fellowship Programme Manager.
The end report should be a minimum of one double-sided A4 sheet, detailing your research objectives, results and further work to be undertaken. Diagrams, charts or illustrations may be included in the report.


The EMBO Fellowship Office will send an acknowledgement of receipt. This will include a certificate stating the date, place and duration of your fellowship, your ASTF number and project title.

ERS | EMBO Fellowships



The joint ERS | EMBO Fellowships Programme is a new collaboration between EMBO and the European Respiratory Society (ERS) launched in December 2012. The goal of this joint programme is to encourage collaboration between clinicians and basic researchers and to bring more clinicians into basic science. The ERS is interested in offering such fellowships particularly to clinicians working in the field of respiratory medicine. Building European expertise in the area of respiratory health and promoting excellence in molecular biology research is key for both organisations.

Two long-term fellowships for up to one year and four short-term fellowships for one to three months will be offered. ERS |EMBO joint fellowships are basic science fellowships in respiratory science with a research project in molecular biology.


 Long-Term and Short-Term Fellowships

  • Candidates should be actively engaged in research/science/practice that is relevant to respiratory medicine, and have appropriate scientific or medical qualifications.
  • Applicants must be postgraduates holding a university degree in medicine/science (MD, MSc, PhD, MD-PhD). As a minimum requirement, applicants need to have graduated with an MD, MSc or equivalent at the time of application. Candidates may also be qualified healthcare professionals (non-MD) working in respiratory medicine/health (nurses, physiotherapists, respiratory function technologists, allied respiratory professionals). 
  • As the purpose of the fellowship is to bring clinicians into the field of basic science, candidates who have a strong clinical background (MDs and MDs-PhDs) will be favoured and prioritized during the selection process.
  • All applications must involve intra-European exchange with either home or host country being an EMBC Member State.
  • Candidates must be ERS members. The ERS membership fee is free for members under 35.



Long-Term Fellowships

Application deadline in 2014 is 31 January. 

To apply go to the ERS website.

Detailed application guidelines and rules & regulations are available at

Short-Term Fellowships

Application deadlines in 2014 are 15 April and 1 October. To apply go to the ERS website

Detailed application guidelines and rules & regulations are available at




 Long-Term Fellowships

  • To view the 2014 subsistence rates table go to ERS Rules and regulations p.15
  • Up to three months paid parental leave
  • Travel: flat rate 200 EUR for 500km, 700 EUR for above 500km (towards each the fellow, the spouse and children)

Short-Term Fellowships


Long-Term Fellowships




The EMBO Long-Term Fellowships are awarded for a period of up to two years and support post-doctoral research visits to laboratories throughout Europe and the world*. International exchange is a key feature in the application process.


All fellowships must involve movement between countries. The receiving institute or the applicant's nationality must be from one of the EMBC Member States.


 *This may be up to three years if the receiving institute is in Singapore.




Main eligibility criteria:

  • Applicants must hold a doctorate degree or equivalent at the start of the fellowship.
  • Applicants who already hold a PhD degree at the time of application are eligible to apply only if they passed their PhD exam in the two years prior to the respective application deadline
  • Applicants must have at least one first author publication accepted in press or published in an international peer reviewed journal at the time of application.
  • All applications must involve movement between countries. The receiving institute or the applicant’s nationality must be from one of the EMBC Member States.
  • Applications to go to the country in which the PhD was obtained will not be considered.
  • Applications for a Long-Term Fellowship to be held in the laboratory, institute or department in which the candidate worked to obtain his or her PhD, or to work again with the candidate's PhD supervisor, no matter where the latter is located, will not be considered.
  • Candidates can only submit one application for one project at one host laboratory at each round of selection.
  • Reapplication is permissible only once.

For detailed eligibility criteria applicants should read the Long-Term Fellowships guidelines.



Applications and supporting documentation (two references, receiving institute acceptance) are only accepted via the online application system. (Opens 6 weeks prior to the application deadline; 1 July for the 15 August deadline and 1 January for the 13 February deadline.)


Please read the helpful notes for applicants, the FAQs and the Long-Term Fellowships guidelines before applying. Please also see the preview of the online application form.


All applications must be started before Monday, 11 August 2014, 14:00 Central European Summer Time. No new applications can be started after that.


The deadline for submission of complete applications (including references and receiving institute acceptance) is Friday, 15 August 2014, 14:00 Central European Summer Time.




All applications are examined at the EMBO Fellowships Office to ensure that they are complete and eligible.


All eligible applications are then sent to the Fellowship Committee for pre-screening and twice the number of available fellowships is selected for an interview.


An interviewer, who is an expert in the area of the application, will be selected from among the EMBO Members and EMBO Young Investigators. When it is not possible to arrange a personal or video interview, the candidate's application is sent for written evaluation.


All applications are then evaluated by the EMBO Fellowship Committee based on:

  • Previous scientific achievements of the applicant
  • Novelty and biological significance of proposed research
  • Appropriateness of the host laboratory for the proposed research and training of the applicant.

The Fellowship Committee then meets to take the final funding decisions. Typically the outcome of the selection is known between 14-16 weeks after the closing date and is provided on the EMBO website shortly after the committee meeting.

Note the following when submitting your EMBO Long-Term Fellowship application:
Interviews normally take place within 6-10 weeks of the closing date for applications. The interview may take place outside the applicant's country of residence; therefore, 
applicants must have a valid passport. Candidates may be requested to give a seminar as part of the interview procedure. The interview should take place at the interviewer's convenience and the applicant is responsible for contacting the interviewer.


Interview travel expenses will be reimbursed by EMBO. A claim form will be issued and together with receipts has to be returned to the EMBO Fellowship office.


Candidates are expected to travel by second-class rail for journeys of up to 8 hours. Otherwise or in case this is less expensive, travel by economy class air will be refunded. Subsistence and accommodation expenses are refunded up to the EMBO standard daily rate.




Duration of support
Fellowships may be awarded for a period of up to 24 months*, depending on a positive interim request from the host supervisor.


It is possible to apply when the applicant has already started at the receiving institute. However, the maximum time for a combination of previous support and EMBO funding is 36 months in case the laboratory is within an EMBC Member state and 24 months if in a non EMBC Member state. (Please note that the minimum fellowship duration that can be requested is 12 months and that about five months are required to process the application.) 
E.g. if an applicant has already been at the receiving institute for 12 months at the start of the EMBO Fellowship the applicant will only be eligible for a further 12 months funding in a non-member state (24 months in total) and 24 months in a member state (36 months in total).


Fellowships must be started within one calendar year from the relevant closing date for applications.


*With the exception of the host laboratory being in Singapore in which case the maximum duration is 36 months.


The stipend is a subsistence allowance and is intended to cover the cost of living in the host country. Subsistence rates depend on the country being visited.


EMBO provides additional allowances for dependent children (i.e. children under the age of 18). Those allowances depend on the country being visited.


For children under the age of six, fellows can claim support for incurred child-care costs up to the amount of 2500 euros per year.


The travel allowance is intended to cover travel costs for the fellow and his family to and from the receiving institute. The travel allowance further includes half a month’s stipend to contribute to relocation costs.
If the applicant is already at the receiving institute at the time of application or has been working at the receiving institute for more than 6 months at the start of the fellowship, the travel allowance will not be paid.


Parental leave
Fellows are entitled to 3 months paid parental leave during their fellowship. Fellows who take parental leave during the fellowship are entitled to an extension of their fellowship for a period of up to 3 months.


Part-time work
For child-care reasons it is possible to work part-time during the fellowship. Please note that the maximum fellowship duration (full-time plus part-time) must not exceed 36 months.


EMBO Private Pension Scheme
Participation in the scheme is open to all EMBO Long-Term Fellows. The scheme is administered by MLP and pension funds are managed by Allianz. The plan offers a benefit package that optimally suits the needs of highly mobile scientists.


Fellows' network
All recipients of a EMBO Long-Term Fellowship are part of the EMBO Fellows' network and can register to EMBO fellowsNet, a web-based resource to highlight their profile and publication records, communicate with other EMBO Fellows, and stay connected with the EMBO community.

At the end of their fellowship, all fellows are invited to the Fellows' Meeting  and can attend a Laboratory Management Course free of charge.



I have a medical degree (M.D.). Am I eligible to apply?
Yes, you are eligible to apply for an EMBO Long-Term Fellowship provided you have appropriate research experience. Please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. prior to submission.

Can I apply without having a PhD?
Yes, but you need a PhD degree at the time you start your EMBO Fellowship. Please note that if awarded you have to start your fellowship within one calendar year of the application deadline.

I had my PhD exam over two years ago but graduated only one year ago, can I apply?
No, applications can only be considered from candidates who passed the PhD exam (or equivalent) not more than two years ago at the relevant closing date for applications.

I received my PhD degree officially from Spain but spent the entirety of my PhD working in Germany. May I apply to go to a lab in Spain?
Yes, if you can clearly show that you spent the full duration working in Germany then you are eligible to apply to go to Spain.

I received my PhD degree officially from Spain but spent the entirety of my PhD working in Germany. May I apply to go to a lab in Germany?
No. Germany would be considered as the country you normally work in and therefore continuing to work in Germany would violate the mobility requirement.

I have performed my PhD in more than one country. I worked in both France and Belgium during my PhD, am I eligible to apply for an EMBO Long-Term Fellowship in France or Belgium?
Please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to determine your eligibility.

Which are the EMBC Member States?
Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, and United Kingdom.

My nationality is from a non-EMBC member state, can I apply for an EMBO Long-Term Fellowship?
Yes, but only if you apply to go to a host lab in one of the EMBC Member States.

My nationality is from a non-EMBC member state but I had my PhD from an EMBC Member State, can I apply for an EMBO Long-Term Fellowship in a non-member state?
No, non-EMBC nationals with a PhD from an EMBC Member State are not eligible for a fellowship in a non-member state. An exception is possible only if the host laboratory is in Singapore.

I have already started working in the host laboratory. Can I still apply?
Yes, but only if you have been there for less than 7 months at the relevant closing date for application.

Can I move from one laboratory to another within the same country?
I am already working in a country different from where I obtained my PhD but I am not carrying out research currently. Can I apply to work in a laboratory in this country?
Only in case you have not been working in the country for more than 3 months prior to the application deadline.

Can I apply more than once for an EMBO Long-Term Fellowship?
Reapplication is allowed once irrespective of a change of project or host laboratory. You can apply two times in total, provided that all eligibility criteria are met each time. A submission is counted as an application once receipt is acknowledged and a reference number (ALTF) has been assigned.

Can I apply for other fellowships at the same time as I apply for the EMBO Long-Term Fellowship?
Yes, but as soon as you accept another fellowship you need to inform the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Please mention any other fellowship you are applying or planning to apply for in the online application form. This information is important to us for statistical purposes and has no influence on the evaluation process.

Is it possible to add figures or tables in my application?
No, neither figures nor any special formatting is possible in the application system.

My application has been rejected at the pre-screening stage. Can I receive feedback?
At the prescreening stage we do not have comments from the committee and therefore can not provide individual feedback.

By which criteria are applications evaluated?
Each application is evaluated based on the applicant’s past achievements, the quality and biological significance of the research proposal, and the quality of the host laboratory.

What are my chances of success?
We receive on average 800 applications per deadline. The success rate has been 13% in the last selection round.

Does the EMBO Long-Term fellowship provide bench fees, honorarium or any financial benefit to the supervisor of the receiving institute?
The EMBO Long-Term Fellowship does not provide any of the above.

Does the EMBO Long-Term fellowship provide travel allowances to its fellows to attend meetings, conferences or workshops?
EMBO does not offer any travel grants for fellowship holders.

Are there any age restrictions?
There are no age restrictions.

Can I contact current EMBO Fellows or alumni?
Due to data protection issues we cannot give out contact details of EMBO Fellows. Successful applicants are listed in the annual EMBO Facts & Figures which is available on our website at:



Young scientists actively seek EMBO Long-Term Fellowships for postdoctoral research to fund and support their internationally mobile careers. Hundreds of scientists also benefit each year from EMBO Short-Term Fellowships, returning to their home laboratories with new skills as well as contacts for future collaborations.


EMBO Members and EMBO Young Investigators rigorously review all applications to EMBO Fellowships for their scientific potential. A core programme since the 1960s, EMBO Fellowships has benefited thousands of early career scientists.

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