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Research integrity

Fostering responsible conduct of research 

EMBO works with life scientists to create environments in which research is pursued responsibly, with integrity and to the highest standards. We help scientists to embed research integrity principles in their work. We engage internationally with stakeholders such as research integrity offices, academies, and funders to improve the governance of research integrity.

EMBO Members and researchers funded by EMBO are expected to observe the fundamental principles for responsible conduct of research from the Singapore Statement on Research Integrity:

  • Honesty in all aspects of research
  • Accountability in the conduct of research
  • Professional courtesy and fairness in working with others
  • Good stewardship of research on behalf of others.

EMBO conducts one-day workshops to discuss research integrity issues, dilemmas and uncertainties in scientific research, and to encourage responsible research practices among life scientists. The workshops are organized and delivered in close collaboration with EMBO Members in host institutes in EMBC Member States. Read more on the workshops here.

EMBO provides its members and their lab staff free access to an Epigeum online training course on research integrity, which was co-developed by EMBO. EMBO Members can contact us for instructions and access codes.

EMBO Postdoctoral Fellows are required to take this course, and will receive information on how to access it from the EMBO Fellowship Office.

EMBO Young Investigators are also required to take the course, and will receive information on how to access it from the EMBO Young Investigator Office. The course is also available to their lab members.

EMBO contributes to conferences and meetings by organizing and participating in sessions and panels on research integrity in which experts share their insights and expertise.

A selection of upcoming events:

A selection of past events:

  • Research Integrity: Funders on the Case, panel session at ESOF2018, Toulouse, France, 10 July 2018
  • Assuring responsible conduct in researchers’ day-to-day work, panel session at the 5th World Conference on Research Integrity, Amsterdam, 30 May 2017 
  • Selective publication and the replicability crisis, talk by Lex Bouter, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, at The EMBO Meeting, Mannheim, Germany, 12 September 2016
  • Why research integrity isn’t just ‘somebody else’s problem’, talk by Liz Wager, Sideview, UK, at The EMBO Meeting, Birmingham, UK, 6 September 2015.

World Conferences on Research Integrity 

EMBO has been a contributor to the World Conferences on Research Integrity since their inception in 2007. These conferences bring together research integrity experts, administrators, funders, editors, scientists, policymakers and representatives of scientific academies to promote integrity in scientific research. 

The 6th World Conference on Research was in Hong Kong, 2-5 June 2019. EMBO organized a session on researchers and institutional roles in resolving diverse views of responsibility in research.

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