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Lithuania joins the EMBO Installation Grants scheme


Heidelberg, 23 January 2017 – EMBO welcomes Lithuania as a member of the EMBO Installation Grants scheme. Early-career scientists looking to move to Lithuania to establish their own, independent research group can apply to the scheme for financial support for their first three to five years.


EMBO Programme Manager, Gerlind Wallon, explained, “EMBO Installation Grants encourage talented young group leaders to establish laboratories in countries which might otherwise lose their top scientists abroad. These grants also support the transfer of skills and knowledge from more established research communities to the participating countries. Lithuania is continuing to grow its international profile in the life sciences and we look forward to supporting the foundation of high-quality research groups there.”


The EMBO Installation Grants scheme was launched in 2006 and currently offers grants to laboratories in the Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, Portugal and Turkey, as well as Lithuania. Grants are targeted at scientists who wish to move to these countries and have spent at least two consecutive years working elsewhere.


Professor Virginijus Siksnys, Lithuania’s representative at the European Molecular Biology Conference (EMBC), described the positive impact of joining the scheme. “It is a pleasure to see new opportunities for young researchers to establish research facilities in Lithuania,” he stated. “The ability to compete with larger economies to attract the finest researchers will help the continued growth of life sciences in our country.”


The latest call for applications to the EMBO Installation Grants scheme was made on 20th January 2017. Scientists intending to found new laboratories in one of the eligible countries are encouraged to apply via the EMBO website by 15th April 2017. For more details, see http://www.embo.org/funding-awards/installation-grants


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