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EMBC welcomes the Slovak Republic


Heidelberg, 2 July 2007 – The European Molecular Biology Conference (EMBC), EMBO’s intergovernmental funding body,welcomes the Slovak Republic as its newest member. This membership will enable Slovakian scientists to take part and benefit from the scientific opportunities offered by EMBO.


The addition of the Slovak Republic increases EMBC’s membership to a total of 26 member states. Located throughout Europe, these countries support and finance the majority of EMBO activities.


The Slovak Republic is an important addition to the EMBC and extends the organisation’s representation in Central and Eastern Europe. Other member states in the region include Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia and Turkey. EMBC also accepted an application for membership by Luxembourg which currently awaits formal ratification.


Isabella Beretta, EMBC Secretary General, commented:" The Slovak Republic is a valued member of the molecular life sciences community in Europe. We look forward to its significant and active participation in EMBO’s activities and as a member of EMBC."


The two Slovakian Delegates to EMBC will be Dr. Pavlína Emrichová, Division of Science and Technology at the Ministry of Education of Slovak Republic and Dr. Silvia Pastorekova, Associate Professor of the Department of Molecular Biology at the Slovak Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Virology.


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