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Mobilizing young researchers in Europe and Japan



Experts convened in Tokyo to explore ways to enhance support for young researchers


Heidelberg, 13 May 2020 - Elite programmes for young researchers can make the difference between success and failure in a scientific career. But what is the secret to a successful programme? How can they be enhanced through international exchange? And what role can they play in shaping the global research system to better support young scientists? EMBO joined forces with the EU Delegation to Japan and the Molecular Biology Society in Japan to organize an expert meeting in Tokyo, Japan on 6 February to reflect on these questions and more.


More than 30 high-level experts from the worlds of policy and research in Europe and Japan convened to discuss issues such as funding, training, and mobility opportunities for young researchers. Participants from ministries, funding agencies, and research institutions discussed areas of common ground for cooperation. This included boosting success factors such as the development of multidisciplinary networks, community building, mentoring, and training. But also addressing issues that can hold back young scientists, such as high workloads, uncertain career paths, and lack of financial security.


Amongst participants there was a broad sentiment of the benefits of more cooperation between Europe and Japan, as well as the opportunities for elite programmes to drive positive changes from within a complex global research system.


Read the full meeting report here. The meeting programme can be found here.





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