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Information for applicants coming from or planning to go to the UK



Heidelberg, 20 February 2019 - Regardless of the outcome of Brexit, scientists based in the UK will continue to have access to all EMBO Programmes and activities. EMBO receives its funds from the European Molecular Biology Conference (EMBC), an intergovernmental funding body made up of 30 Member States, which include the UK. This means that EMBO will continue to support scientists coming from and going to the UK. EMBO Courses & Workshops can continue to take place in the UK, EMBO Long- and Short-Term Fellows can still exchange between the UK and the EU, and EMBO Members in the UK remain an integral part of the EMBO community.


It is possible, however, that immigration conditions change following the exit of the UK from the EU on 29 March. We therefore recommend that anyone planning to submit an application that involves movement between the EU and the UK  does so with sufficient notice.



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