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10 things that make EMBO Molecular Medicine


EMM 10years


Heidelberg, 12 December 2019 – EMBO Molecular Medicine (EMM), one of five journals published by EMBO Press, was established in 2009 for the purpose of publishing the best work at the interface between clinical research and molecular cell biology. In its tenth anniversary year, we highlight ten characteristics that have helped to establish EMM in the world of scientific publishing.


  1. Top Open Access journal in experimental medicine
  2. EMM switched from a subscription model to Open Access (OA) in March 2012, less than three years after it was established. After becoming an OA journal, EMM was and remains the highest-impact journal in the experimental medicine category (ISI-Reuters) to make the switch. EMM’s core values include transparency and accessibility, and publishing all articles OA means that the research published in EMM is freely and widely available to all readers, including patients and clinicians. 
  1. Covers a wide range of fields
  2. EMM straddles the boundary between clinical research and molecular medicine and includes research into a diverse range of fields within its scope. Research published in EMM addresses a wide array of topics, including (but not limited to) metabolic, cardiovascular, ageing-related and immune diseases, as well as infectious diseases, neurodegeneration and cancer.
  1. Publishes high-impact research
  2. The most-cited article ever published in EMM concerned genetic mutations involved in breast cancer (DOI: 10.1002/emmm.200900041) and has accrued 400 citations to date. This is just one of many highly cited articles published in EMM, which demonstrate its high quality among scientific publications. 
  1. Publishes clinical cases
  2. In addition to research papers, EMM is one of the few scientific journals open to publishing articles on timely and relevant clinical cases. Publishing medical studies is one of the ways in which EMM is working to bridge the gap between basic biological research and the clinical field.
  1. 75 expert board members in 16 countries
  2. The journal’s advisory editorial board comprises 75 scientists based in 16 countries. Collectively they bring expertise spanning subdisciplines from neuroscience to cancer and act as editorial advisors when expert input is required for pre- and post-review decisions and in cases of appeals from authors. 
  1. Transparent peer review and scooping protection
  2. EMM applies all of the EMBO Press policies: transparent peer reviews allow authors and readers to see exactly on what basis a paper has been published, while scooping protection gives authors peace of mind that their paper will not be rejected on grounds of similar results being published elsewhere during the review process, encouraging them to share their results more quickly.
  1. >90% of papers invited for revision are published
  2. There is only a single round of major revisions involved in the standard process at EMM. However, if a paper is invited for revision, there is a very high chance that the revised version will be published – more than 90% of revised papers are accepted by the journal. 
  1. A global publication
  2. EMM has published work from authors based in 34 countries, including China, Japan, Singapore, India and North and South America. With both its authorship and audience drawn from all over the globe, EMM is truly an international publication. 
  1. Immediately relevant
  2. In 2015, in the midst of the Ebola epidemic, EMM published a paper addressing the origin of the outbreak (DOI: 10.15252/emmm.201404792). This paper was and still is commonly cited in the media and public reports, and is perhaps the most visible example demonstrating the immediate public relevance of the research published in EMM. 
  1. Part of EMBO internal transfer process
  2. EMM participates in the internal transfer process at EMBO Press. This gives good papers a chance of being published in one the EMBO Press journals even if they are not the right fit for the journal they were originally submitted to, without giving the authors more work to do. More than 500 papers not accepted by EMM have so far benefitted from the transfer system.



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