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Open Science recommendations for the European Commission


Heidelberg, 8 June 2018 – “The European Union will not remain competitive at the global level unless it promotes Open Science, and relatedly, Open Innovation. The time is to act now.” This is how the Open Science Policy Platform (OSSP) introduces its recommendations for the European Commission that it published on 29 May 2018.


The OSPP is a High-Level Advisory Group established in 2016 that advises the European Commission on how to develop Open Science policy. In the recently adopted document, the group outlines its advice on the eight Open Science ambitions outlined by the Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, Carlos Moedas, and urges the Commission to include the recommendations in the next Framework Programme, Horizon Europe.


The eight areas covered are: rewards and incentives; research indicators and next-generation metrics; future of scholarly communication; European Open Science Cloud; FAIR data; research integrity; skills and education; and citizen science. In addition, the document contains five general recommendations for all EU Member States.


EMBO, represented by Michele Garfinkel, Head of the EMBO Science Policy Programme, is part of the OSPP. The recommendations included under the ‘Future of scholarly communication’ and ‘Research integrity’ headers are in line with EMBO’s policy work in these areas. Among others, they include the suggestion to require researchers to deposit their data and software in trusted repositories and the recommendation that the role of funders includes ensuring that their grantees have received training in research integrity.


The document containing the full set of recommendations can be downloaded from the European Commission website



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