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EMBO letter on the importance of a Brexit deal


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Heidelberg, 5 September 2018 – EMBO has written to the UK’s Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, Dominic Raab, about concerns that Brexit will damage the scientific ties between the UK and the rest of Europe.


The letter, signed by EMBO Director Maria Leptin, EMBO Council Chair Carl-Henrik Heldin and EMBO Secretary General Sir Paul Nurse emphasizes the necessity to avoid a no-deal Brexit and achieve certainty on future UK–EU relations in order to secure a strong deal for science and innovation.


EMBO makes the case for international mobility of scientists and calls on the UK government to protect the freedom of movement for all citizens between the UK and the EU. It also asks for protection of the UK’s access to the funding and transnational networks offered by the EU Framework Programmes.


The full letter is available for download as PDF.



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