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News 2017

Protected as soon as you unveil your masterpiece

Heidelberg, 06 April 2017 – The four EMBO Press journals announced the extension of their “scooping protection” to preprints to help ...

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Bringing policy to scientific events

Heidelberg, 05 April 2017 – “I applied for a Science Policy Lecture Grant because I think it is important to give students attending a [scientific] ...

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Solving the tax conundrum

Heidelberg, 04 April 2017 – In 1981, Gerrit van Meer, a newly fledged Dutch PhD student, arrived at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Heidelber...

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How EMBO fosters exchange with Taiwan

Heidelberg, 3 April 2017 – “My friends and colleagues in Europe told me it’s a competitive but excellent programme, so I decided to apply,” say...

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Exploring individual leadership styles

Heidelberg, 28 March 2017 - “I went home feeling more prepared to face the academic future.” This is how Leonardo Valdivia, who will set up his ow...

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Realising a European vision

Heidelberg, 24 March 2017 – EMBO co-founder John Kendrew would have celebrated his 100th birthday today. Georgina Ferry looks back at his role in the organisat...

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