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EMBO statement on the situation of the EMBO Programmes should the UK leave the European Union


27 June 2016 – The vote of the UK electorate to leave the European Union will have no direct effects on EMBO, or its funding and supervisory body, the EMBC, or the EMBO programmes, nor will there be direct consequences if the UK eventually applies to leave the EU.


EMBO and EMBC are intergovernmental organizations and are not formally linked to the EU; the membership of states in EMBC is independent of their membership of the EU.


Therefore, EMBO Fellows wishing to join UK labs continue to be eligible, Courses and Workshops can continue to be held in the UK, Young Investigators from the UK may apply to join the Young Investigator Programme, and leading scientists in the UK can be elected as EMBO Members.


EMBO was founded with instrumental participation from UK scientists, and its UK constituency will remain the active and engaged part of the EMBO community it has always been, whether working on committees, as reviewers, as ad hoc advisers or as Council members, irrespective of what any political developments in the near future will be. 


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Head, Communications
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