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New eligibility criteria for Short-Term Fellowships



6 October 2016 - On 1 October the eligibility criteria for the EMBO Short-Term Fellowships changed. The new rules have been introduced to focus on interactions among scientists in the core EMBC member and partner countries. Short-Term Fellowships fund research visits of up to three months to enable researchers to learn and apply new techniques and explore collaborative research. Ideally, the Short-Term Fellowships should benefit both the home and the host laboratory through knowledge exchange in both directions.


As a European organization, EMBO’s focus is on supporting research and collaboration across all of the countries that are members of the EMBC community – the core Member States, the Associate Member states, and countries that have cooperation agreements with EMBO. The new eligibility criteria reflect this by encouraging visits between laboratories in these countries.


Under the new criteria, applicants must be based in and planning to visit a laboratory in one of those countries (for a full list, visit our Member States page). Visits to laboratories in other countries will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.


In addition, the restriction that applicants must have received their PhD degree (or equivalent) within the last ten years was removed. This now allows the programme to promote the sharing of knowledge and skills at all levels, from PhD students to established life scientists, and to be inclusive of researchers at all career stages.


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