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Announcing EMBO Press


Previous articles in EMBOencounters explored important topics in scientific publishing related to peer review, editorial processes and the merits of journal impact factors in assessing research. This month we are excited to announce the launch of EMBO Press, a new editorially independent publishing platform that will allow us to develop further EMBO scientific publications and build on the established strong reputation of our journals.


Online journals are no longer constrained to static PDFs and web presentation that mimic the appearance of printed articles. As a publisher of scientific research, EMBO strives to be at the forefront of new technologies that will allow research data to be discovered more easily through new search mechanisms, and to be published in a way that will allow their broader use – an essential consideration for all scientists, given the rapid expansion of the research literature. We will launch EMBO Press in December to further these goals.


EMBO Press is a new publishing platform for The EMBO Journal, EMBO reports, Molecular Systems Biology and EMBO Molecular Medicine. EMBO Press will embody our editorial independence and is founded on the principle that scientific publishing should be more transparent, fair, and ethical; it must support a reliable, reproducible literature.


EMBO Press is part of the transformation of research articles into enriched and accessible records of research data that will help scientists make new discoveries. Our four journals will benefit from a fresh and dynamic design that will maximize online functionality and access. The enhancements will include publication and persistent storage of source data as well as the curation of published figures with the addition of computer-readable metadata. EMBO Press will also include resources such as visually enhanced guidelines to help write a successful paper and for image and data processing.


New partnership

After ten fruitful years with Nature Publishing Group, we have decided to collaborate with Wiley and HighWire Press to support the EMBO Press platform. EMBO Molecular Medicine has been published in cooperation with Wiley since 2009. Wiley, one of the leading international publishers of academic content, will now support editorial production and international marketing of the four EMBO scientific journals. HighWire Press will provide an innovative online platform for the journals. Access to the Drupal open source content management system of HighWire Press opens up new possibilities for innovation in areas like data presentation, semantic interlinking, article level metrics and mobile web interfaces. Many leading journals in the life sciences rely on HighWire Press and we look forward to cooperating with these journals on technology and policy developments.


Following the launch of EMBO Press, our four journals will continue to serve their individual communities, selecting and presenting some of the very best research for publication from authors all over the world. Authors and readers will benefit from the shared policies, technology, and further innovations that EMBO Press provides, including our Transparent Process, which has enhanced the reliability and accountability of the editorial process. All the financial benefits from our publishing activities will continue to support the activities of EMBO and the scientific community.


Further details about EMBO Press are available at http://www.embo.org/embo-press and we encourage you to visit the new journal websites that will be available from December.


We are continually looking for ways to add maximum value to scientific research, and are always eager to hear feedback from you.


Maria Leptin

Director EMBO


Bernd Pulverer

EMBO Head of Scientific Publications


Thomas Lemberger

EMBO Deputy Head of Scientific Publications





EMBO press


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