Lecture Series

Funding for lecture series in participating countries

Applications are accepted throughout the year


Please use the travel expense claim form provided on our website. Both speaker and host can claim their separate costs. EMBO needs to receive the original signed claim form and all original invoices/receipts and boarding passes by post, but electronic receipts and electronic/mobile boarding passes are accepted by e-mail.

To reimburse expenses as quickly as possible, please ensure that you state your bank details fully and clearly on the claim form. Expenses should be specified in the original currency.

Per lecture series, the host institutes are supported with a maximum of 1,500 euros, or 2,500 euros when lecturers travel from overseas.

Costs covered by EMBO:

  • In/outbound flight (economy)
  • Train or national flights (economy)


  • Meals for the speaker (up to 75 euros per institution visited)
  • Local transport (e.g. airport shuttle, taxis)

Costs expected to be covered by the host:

  • Meals at the institute

Joint dinners with the speaker