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Early Career Lecture Courses

Funding for courses in participating countries for PhD students and postdocs

Application deadlines:
1 February, 1 June and
1 October

Marie-Steph Aschtgen from The Karolinska Institute, Sweden, visited Nanyang Technical University, Singapore, to gain and transfer expertise in biofilm work

EMBO Early Career Lecture Courses are designed to provide training for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers. Funding is available for scientific organizers hosting courses in Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Slovenia and Turkey.

The courses encompass a diverse array of fields within the life sciences. The speakers featured in these courses are esteemed experts in their respective domains. The primary objective of these courses is to ensure that participants, regardless of their scientific backgrounds, can grasp the fundamental concepts of various fields. To achieve this goal, the courses integrate a range of elements, including interactive discussion sessions, tutorials on relevant techniques, journal clubs, poster sessions and other activities to facilitate interaction between participants and lecturers.

The Early Career Lecture Courses accommodate up to 200 participants and typically span two to three days. Organizers of established PhD and postdoc courses that meet the eligibility criteria and application deadlines are eligible to apply for funding.

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