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For current Young Investigators and Installation Grantees


The EMBO Young Investigator Programme supports independent scientists that are selected as EMBO Young Investigators and Installation Grantees. 


Programme members receive extensive support for networking interactions and other career development opportunities. Some highlights are listed below and summarized in a downloadable infographic. A more complete list, with details of the levels of support and how to apply for these, is provided in the programme guide (pdf). Relevant forms are included in the downloads list to the right.


The annual EMBO Young Investigator meeting for all former and current programme members and more specialized meetings facilitate interaction between programme members. 


Networking funds support a wide range of interactions between programme members, such as institute visits and joint group meetings. Student exchanges and meeting grants allow interactions between current EMBO Young Investigator and Installation Grant labs with the wider scientific community. In addition, programme members organizing a conference/course can receive sponsorship.


Career development opportunities include the opportunity to choose an EMBO Member as your mentor, a free laboratory management course and an online training course on responsible conduct of research co-developed by the EMBO Science Policy Programme. Optional training courses in various topics are also offered at the annual EMBO Young Investigator meeting.


The programme raises the profile of Young Investigators by offering EMBO Young Investigator Lecture Grants to current programme members, who are invited as speakers at international conferences, and by including their details in the EMBO directory.


Members of Young Investigators’ labs receive additional support, for example, through the annual Young Investigator Programme PhD Course, a course run by Young Investigators for students in Young Investigator laboratories.  Further support for your growing lab includes access to EMBL Core Facilities.


An overview of the financial award for Installation Grantees and Young Investigators selected in 2014 or later is provided in the programme guide (pdf).  For Young Investigators selected before 2014, the payment mechanism was different: please contact the Young Investigator Programme office with any queries.


Upcoming events, deadlines, and other opportunities within the programme are included in the eNewsletter sent to programme members.