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ERS | EMBO Fellowships




The joint ERS | EMBO Fellowships Programme is a new collaboration between EMBO and the European Respiratory Society (ERS) launched in December 2012. The goal of this joint programme is to encourage collaboration between clinicians and basic researchers and to bring more clinicians into basic science. The ERS is interested in offering such fellowships particularly to clinicians working in the field of respiratory medicine. Building European expertise in the area of respiratory health and promoting excellence in molecular biology research is key for both organisations.

Two long-term fellowships for up to one year and four short-term fellowships for one to three months will be offered. ERS |EMBO joint fellowships are basic science fellowships in respiratory science with a research project in molecular biology.



 Long-Term and Short-Term Fellowships


  • Candidates should be actively engaged in research/science/practice that is relevant to respiratory medicine, and have appropriate scientific or medical qualifications.
  • Applicants must be postgraduates holding a university degree in medicine/science (MD, MSc, PhD, MD-PhD). As a minimum requirement, applicants need to have graduated with an MD, MSc or equivalent at the time of application. Candidates may also be qualified healthcare professionals (non-MD) working in respiratory medicine/health (nurses, physiotherapists, respiratory function technologists, allied respiratory professionals). 
  • As the purpose of the fellowship is to bring clinicians into the field of basic science, candidates who have a strong clinical background (MDs and MDs-PhDs) will be favoured and prioritized during the selection process.
  • All applications must involve intra-European exchange with either home or host country being an EMBC Member State.
  • Candidates must be ERS members




Long-Term Fellowships


Application deadline is 14 January. 

Visit ERS website for detailed information and online application.

Short-Term Fellowships


Application deadlines are on 1 April and 1 October each year. Visit ERS website for detailed information and online application. 



Long-Term Fellowships 


Please refer to the Rules & Regulations for detailed subsistence rates, child support and travel grant. 


Short-Term Fellowships


Please refer to the Rules & Regulations for detailed subsistence rates, child support and travel grant.


14 January for Long-Term Fellowships

1 April & 1 October for Short-Term Fellowships


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