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Funding and awards


Access to funding and awards is essential for young scientists to excel in their research careers. EMBO offers awards and financial support for scientists at all stages of their careers that help to create an environment where researchers can achieve their best work.


EMBO Fellowships
Support postdoctoral and predoctoral research experience in laboratories in Europe and around the world. EMBO Fellowships have supported thousands of talented young scientists since they were first offered in the 1960s.


EMBO Young Investigators
Talented young group leaders in the first years of establishing independent research laboratories. The first programme of its kind in Europe, young investigators receive financial, academic and practical support and participate in a network of more than 300 young scientists.


EMBO Installation Grants
Help promising young scientists relocate and set up their labs in participating countries. Installation Grantees are integrated into the EMBO Young Investigators network to benefit from the offered support.


EMBO Global Investigator Programme
Supports the career development of the next generation of scientific leaders in Chile, India, Singapore and Taiwan by providing them with opportunities to interact and collaborate with leading scientists from their regions, as well as Europe.


EMBO Courses & Workshops
Funding and support for life scientists to organize meetings. Funding is available for conferences, symposia, workshops, lecture courses and practical courses, as well as for keynote lectures.


Lecture Grants
Support and promote the active participation of researchers at national and international meetings.


Travel Grants
A limited number of travel grants are available for eligible participants who are selected to attend EMBO Practical Courses, EMBO | FEBS Lecture Courses, EMBO | EMBL Symposia and selected other EMBO events.


Gold Medal
Awarded annually to scientists under the age of 40 for outstanding contributions to molecular biology in Europe.


Women in Science Award
Awarded annually to female researchers who have made exceptional contributions to molecular biology and who have been role models to other scientists.