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Past Events


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15–20 April 2007 | DK–Odense
EMBO Practical Course
Mass spectrometry and proteomics
Contact: Ole Nørregaard Jensen

14–17 April 2007 | IT–Capri
EMBO Workshop
The role and control of GATA factors in tissue development and disease
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

20–23 March 2007 | AU–Hunter Valley
EMBO Keynote Lecture
The Hunter cellular biology meeting
Contact: David James

18–22 March 2007 | IL–Ein Gedi
EMBO Workshop
Spatial 2007: EMBO/FEBS/ISF Workshops on systems dynamics of intracellular communication
Contact: Michael Fainzilber

5–7 March 2007 | DE–Heidelberg
EMBO Workshop
Viral RNA: structure, function and targeting
Contact: Michael Sattler

31 January–4 February 2007 | NO–Lillehammer
EMBO Keynote Lecture
Contact meeting of the Norwegian Biochemical Society
Contact: Erik Boye

9–14 January 2007 | AT–Goldegg Am See
EMBO Workshop
Membrane traffic in the secretory pathway
Contact: Sharon Tooze

10–13 January 2007 | FR–Marseille
EMBO Workshop
Pathogens and diseases meet the immune system
Contact: Philippe Pierre

22–28 October 2006 | DE–Munich
EMBO Practical Course
Multi-photon imaging of living cells and tissues
Contact: Arthur Konnerth

19–23 October 2006 | DE–Heidelberg
EMBO Conference
Molecular microbiology: dynamics, evolution and expression of prokaryotic genomes
Contact: Agamemnon J. Carpousis

18–22 October 2006 | ES–El Perello
EMBO Workshop
Programming pancreatic cells
Contact: Jorge Ferrer

14–17 October 2006 | IT–Capri
EMBO Workshop
Cell Migration, Tissue Invasion and Disease

12–15 October 2006 | AT–Gosau
EMBO Workshop
Systems biology meets chromatin function
Contact: Dean Jackson

30 September–5 October 2006 | PL–Gdansk
EMBO Conference
Protein transport systems: protein targeting and translocation
Contact: Jürgen Soll
Subject area(s): Membranes & Transport

30 September–4 October 2006 | IT–Rome
EMBO Workshop
Hedgehog-Gli signaling in cancer and stem cells
Contact: Alberto Gulino

18–29 September 2006 | CH–Geneva
EMBO Practical Course
Molecular genetics of Chlamydomonas
Contact: Jean-David Rochaix

21–24 September 2006 | NO–Oslo
EMBO Workshop
Spatial and temporal regulation of signalling
Contact: Kjetil Tasken

11–22 September 2006 | IT–Napoli
EMBO Practical Course
Molecular approaches to Evolution and Development (in cooperation with ZOONET)
Contact: Detlev Arendt

19–22 September 2006 | IT–Catanzaro
EMBO Workshop
Stemness: the bright and dark side. Normal and cancer stem cells
Contact: Morrone Giovanni

18–22 September 2006 | CH–Geneva
EMBO Practical Course
Bioinformatics for mass spectrometry in proteomics
Contact: Pierre-Alain Binz

5–15 September 2006 | GR–Spetses
EMBO Lecture Course
Molecular basis of bacterial virulence and survival within infected hosts and in the environment
Contact: Pascale Cossart

1–5 September 2006 | GR–Spetses
EMBO Conference
Molecular and Cell Biology at Spetsai: Past, present and future – A forty years anniversary
Contact: Brian F.C. Clark

13–22 August 2006 | DE–Heidelberg
EMBO Practical Course
Cryo-electron microscopy and 3-D image analysis
Contact: Bettina Boettcher

25 June–2 July 2006 | UK–Hinxton
EMBO Practical Course
Advanced analysis and informatics of microarray data
Contact: Alvis Brazma

25 June–1 July 2006 | DE–Heidelberg
EMBO Practical Course
Microinjection and Detection of Probes in Cells 
Contact: Rainer Pepperkok

18–24 June 2006 | UK–Canterbury
EMBO Practical Course
The application of transient kinetics methods to biological macromolecules
Contact: Michael Geeves

18–23 June 2006 | GR–Kolymbari
EMBO Conference
Molecular and developmental biology of Drosophila
Contact: Thomas Kaufman
Subject area(s): Development

11–21 June 2006 | DK–Copenhagen
EMBO Practical Course
Molecular genetics with the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe
Contact: Olaf Nielsen

6–8 June 2006 | IE–Dublin
EMBO Conference
Common Molecular Mechanisms of Mammary Gland Development and Breast Cancer Progression
Contact: William Gallagher

3–7 June 2006 | ES–Bilbao
EMBO Workshop
Cell membrane organization and dynamics
Contact: Kai Simons

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