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Events Calendar


Search for EMBO Courses, Workshops, Symposia & Conferences.


Please note that upcoming EMBO Courses & Workshops have been either cancelled or postponed. Websites of affected meetings are updated with the information we receive from the organizers. For a list of all postponed meetings, please see here.


The search feature is temporarily under maintainance. Please see the full list of events below.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Gerlind Wallon
Programme Head
 T. +49 6221 8891 112



Joy Akinyi

Joy Akinyi
Programme Specialist
General administration
T. + 49 6221 8891 105


Ayesha Asif

Ayesha Asif
Programme Officer
Websites administration
T. + 49 6221 8891 115


Igor Jukic

Igor Jukic
Web & Graphic Design Officer
T. + 49 6221 8891 120