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Our publications


The five EMBO Press journals include papers that describe significant discoveries from the global bioscience community as well as authoritative and accessible comments and reviews:


The EMBO Journal

For over 30 years, The EMBO Journal has published papers describing original research of broad general interest in molecular and cell biology - a particular emphasis is placed on molecular mechanism and physiological relevance. Reviews by leaders in the field place the latest research into context.


EMBO reports

EMBO reports publishes short-format papers that communicate a single major finding in all research areas of molecular biology. It offers broadly accessible scientific review and commentary as well as a ‘Science and Society’ section that explores how science is shaping the world.


EMBO Molecular Medicine

EMBO Molecular Medicine is a broad scope open access research journal dedicated to the interface between clinical research and molecular cell biology. All studies are characterized by direct relevance for human diseases; work based on model organisms is included within the scope of the journal.


Molecular Systems Biology

Molecular Systems Biology is an open access journal that publishes papers describing original research in the multidisciplinary areas of systems biology and synthetic biology. The journal focuses on the analysis, integration and modeling of molecular and cellular processes. Its review section provides accessible overviews of the latest advances in systems biology and related fields.


Life Science Alliance

Life Science Alliance is a global, open-access, peer-reviewed journal jointly published by EMBO Press, Rockefeller University Press and Cold Spring Harbor which have formed a non-profit alliance committed to rapid, fair and transparent publication of papers of high value to the community across the full spectrum of the life sciences and biomedicine.


All EMBO Press journals benefit from enhancements to data publication: authors can publish unlimited source data at the same time as their papers, which are viewed online with the figures; figures and data can be searched together with article contents, making it easier for scientists to find, reinterpret and reuse research.