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EMBO Press


EMBO Press is an editorially independent publishing platform for the development of EMBO scientific publications. EMBO Press represents the policies and practices of the five EMBO scientific publications that serve the global life science community:


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EMBO Press Innovations, Rockefeller University Press and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press have partnered for the open-access, not-for-profit journal Life Science Alliance.


EMBO Press and ORCID

EMBO Press is a signatory of an open letter recommending adoption of ORCID identifiers as a requirement for corresponding authors.


We support universal adoption of digital name identifiers to aid name disambiguation – essential in a global, growing research landscape.


Reliable research

The five journals of EMBO Press publish important advances in the life sciences from around the globe, ranging from computational, synthetic and systems biology to molecular medicine.

All papers selected for publication have passed a transparent and fair editorial peer-review process that ensures a reliable scientific literature. The EMBO peer review process relies on subject experts, academic advisors and dedicated editors. These focus on the evaluation of the quality and strength of the data presented and the veracity of the claims based on this data.


The article, reinvented

One of the goals of EMBO Press is to make it easier for scientists to discover, read, assess and re-use research:

  • Authors are encouraged to include source data alongside figures and article text in EMBO Press scientific publications
  • Researchers can customize the way they read papers at a level of detail that suits their needs
  • Restructuring the way papers are presented obviates the need for a separate, unedited supplementary information section
  • Synopses enhanced by visual summaries help to make articles more accessible to browsing by the general reader.


Best practice

EMBO Press is founded on the principle that scientific publishing should be more transparent, fair, and ethical and must support a reliable, reproducible literature.

EMBO Press also encourages the wider adoption of this principle by others in the community to benefit scientists the world over.


During peer review and revision newly published papers are not considered to detract from the manuscript under consideration. Unlimited reference lists allow authors to fully cite the primary literature where appropriate.


The EMBO Press editorial process allows most papers to be published after no more than one round of experimental revision. Authors of rejected papers are encouraged to transfer referee reports between selected partner journals for further consideration.



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