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Responsible conduct of research


EMBO is increasingly involved in work to understand the parameters of the responsible conduct of research and how best to provide this information to scientists. Our work focuses on the activities of scientists at the bench or computer, issues of research integrity in the writing and publication of research results, and the roles of scientists in society.

  • Special session on Research Integrity at The EMBO Meeting, 6 September 2015, Birmingham, UK
  • San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment DORA – EMBO is one of the signatories of an international declaration calling on the world scientific community to eliminate the role of the journal impact factor (JIF) in evaluating research for funding, hiring, promotion, or institutional effectiveness. 

  • 3rd World Conference on Research Integrity, 5-8 May 2013, Montreal, Canada. Michele Garfinkel, EMBO Science Policy, and Bernd Pulverer, EMBO Press, talked at the conference on the EMBO policies regarding research integrity and in particular on the EMBO publications' efforts to ensure a fair and appropriate reporting of scientific research results.

  • Talk on Responsible Conduct of Research at the Annual Meeting for EMBO fellows resident in the US, New York, 18th November 2012

  • On-line training course - The Science Policy Programme is involved in the development of an on-line training course on responsible conduct of research, which is available to EMBO Members, Fellows, and Young Investigators.


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Michele GarfinkelMichele Garfinkel
Programme Manager
T. +49 6221 8891 552


Alessandra BendiscioliSandra Bendiscioli
Programme Officer
T. + 49 6221 8891 119