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The EMBO Meeting 2012 is coming to Nice


HEIDELBERG, 16 July 2012 – What determines the rate of ageing and how can we live longer? How do cells grow and divide? What new species have been recently discovered in the depths of the ocean? These are some of the questions scientists will attempt to answer at The EMBO Meeting to be held in Nice, France, on 22-25 September.


This year more than 1500 scientists from around the world will gather to listen to more than 100 leading researchers talk about the latest developments from across the life sciences.


Journalists, science writers and science bloggers are welcome to participate at the conference, including attendance at the scientific lectures, concurrent sessions and poster sessions. Online press registration and more information for journalists are available at: http://2012.the-embo-meeting.org/press.html.


Confirmed keynote speakers and special lecturer include:


Paul Nurse, 2001 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine and Légion d’honneur 2003: Controlling the cell cycle


Linda Partridge, Director of the University College London Institute of Healthy Ageing, and founding director of the new Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing in Cologne: Nutrient-sensing pathways and ageing


Eric Karsenti, Project co-director of TARA OCEANS, Group Leader and Senior Scientist at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), and sailor extraordinaire: A forgotten world: The living ocean


Three press events are planned with the keynote speakers:


Meet the press with Paul Nurse: How do cells grow and divide? Sunday 23 September, 11.00 am-12 noon.


Meet the press with Eric Karsenti: TARA OCEANS: New species from the depths of the ocean. Monday 24 September, 10.00-11.00 am


Meet the press with Linda Partridge: Putting the brakes on ageing. Monday 24 September, 11.00 am-12 noon.


Explore the full programme online at www.the-embo-meeting.org. The Abstract Book will be available online to registered participants and journalists two weeks before the conference starts. Interview opportunities can be arranged prior to the conference or onsite, beginning on Saturday evening after the opening address.


The EMBO Meeting is an annual conference that offers a forum for the exchange of scientific ideas on topics covering the entire range of the life sciences. Now in its fourth year, the conference attracts around 1500 participants from Europe and worldwide. Scientific delegates include principle investigators, postdoctoral researchers and students. Policy makers, editors, career advisors, journalists, science bloggers and industry representatives figure strongly among the participant list.


The EMBO Meeting represents the veryfabric of what EMBO is about - recognizing and supporting talented scientists, empowering them to advance the life sciences and providing platforms for scientific exchange.


The EMBO Meeting 2012 will be hosted in Nice, France, from 22 - 25 September.To see the full programme and list of speakers go to: http://www.the-embo-meeting.org/


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