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Luxembourg joins EMBC as 27th Member State


Heidelberg, 16 November 2007 - The European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) today announced that Luxembourg has joined its intergovernmental funding body, the European Molecular Biology Conference (EMBC). The addition of Luxembourg brings the total number of EMBC member states to 27 enabling Luxembourg scientists to benefit from the many opportunities for scientific advancement offered by EMBO.

“Luxembourg is committed to fundamental biology and continuing development in the molecular life sciences. EMBO looks forward to the participation of Luxembourg scientists in our activities,” said Hermann Bujard, EMBO Executive Director.

Professor Evelyne Friederich of the Life Sciences Research Unit at the University of Luxembourg commented: “The creation of skills for molecular biology is critical for life sciences research in Luxembourg. Our scientists will benefit greatly from the high-quality EMBO publications, programmes and activities.”

The Luxembourg Delegate to EMBC will be Josiane Entringer, Department of Research and Innovation at the Ministry of Culture, Higher Education and Research in Luxembourg.