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New EMBO grants help scientists set up labs in Europe


Heidelberg, 27 February 2006 – EMBO today launches a new funding scheme to attract leading life scientists to Europe. EMBO Installation Grants will help researchers set up laboratories in a member state of the EMBC, EMBO’s intergovernmental funding body. So far Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Portugal, Poland and Turkey have signed up for the scheme.


The aim of the new grants is to strengthen the scientific infrastructure of the participating countries strategically by bringing talented scientists into their research communities. Successful applicants will receive an annual award of 50,000 Euro per year. The grants will give awardees the extra support they need to get their labs started in the participating countries and establish a reputation within the European scientific community.


Said Frank Gannon, Executive Director of EMBO, "The launch of these grants is particularly timely. Europe is increasingly aware of the need to strengthen science in all countries of the European Research Area. This is exactly what these grants aim to do. We hope that the scheme will help stimulate research in the participating countries and ultimately contribute to the future wellbeing of European science, driving economic and social development. "


Selection for the EMBO Installation Grants will be highly competitive. The scheme will be run by the EMBO Young Investigator Programme with the same attention to scientific excellence. Eligibility criteria include a first-class scientific background and publication record.


A key element of the EMBO Installation Grants will be a guarantee of continued career opportunities for awardees beyond the duration of the grant. Receiving institutes are being asked to make a commitment to ongoing support of the scientists. The new grants build on the EMBO/HHMI Startup Grants, which are currently supporting six scientists setting up labs in Central Europe.


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